Lake Hartwell Fishing Report April 27 2018

Lake Hartwell Fishing Report April 27 2018

Lake Hartwell Fishing Report April 27 2018
Weekly report from Captain Mack Farr.

Here is our fishing forecast this week for Lake Hartwell.

Striper fishing early mornings off red banks on major and secondary points is working. Stripers and hybrids are still chasing bait in shallow waters before the sun comes up. They are moving into deeper waters after daylight. After daylight the best way to catch stripers and hybrids is to move out of the shallow water. Focus 25 or up to 40 feet of water dropping four down rods with live blue back herring. As you move slowly with your trolling motor, watch your graph for schools of fish. I also recommend that you put out four free lines with one on each side of the boat attached to planer boards. Deploy two free lines with live bait straight out the back of the boat. You can run all the free lines on planer boards if you wish, but I would put at least one free line out the back of the boat with a big bait.

This has always worked well for me and I promise you that it will work for you. You can cover a lot of water this way and you will catch fish if you are in the right spot. If you are fishing up the Seneca River I would suggest the Coneross or the Twin Lakes area. If you are fishing down the lake I would suggest the Powderbag or Big Water Marina areas. Don’t forget; if you are a trophy striper fisherman remember that most of these fish are still in the backs of the creeks and rivers. The water temperatures are around 64 degrees with the water levels holding steady just slightly below the 660 full pool. The weather has played a major factor in our fishing. The weather being much like the stock market, up and down and very unpredictable. Luckily the weather has been about 10 degrees warmer every morning and staying stable each night.

The bass fishing is still good. Fish are being caught using your favorite swim bait or by rigging a shaky head with a Weedless Wonder. Add a 4”or 6” green pumpkin finesse worm to finish the deal.

Crappie fishing is still really good if you find the good brush piles. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of these crappie homes all over the lake. If you find them I would use one of the many Bobby Garland Swim’R Baby Shad. The best colors on Lake Hartwell are the Blue Ice or Baby Shad colors.

The fishing is only going to get better, so look for next week’s report.

To book your Lake Hartwell adventures please call Captain Mack Farr at – 1.888.989.8052

Lake Hartwell Fishing Report April 27 2018

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