Lake Hartwell Fishing Report September 7 2018

Lake Hartwell Fishing Report September 7 2018

Lake Hartwell Fishing Report September 7 2018

I’m not sure how it’s happening but at the time that this article is being written Lake Hartwell is .25 above its full pool of 660. Now all that has happened with little to no rain this past week and with the dam still generating power under their normal schedule which is a must do with the heat that we have had recently across the country. We do have a small chance of rain almost every day this week so if you get lucky enough you may get a short cooling off. The water temperatures have dropped on Lake Hartwell to 81 degrees in the deep waters near the dam and is holding at 83 degrees in the upper lake; this is nearly a 4 degree change over the past two weeks. These temperatures are holding due to the ninety plus degree days that we have experienced this past week.


Striper fishing on Lake Hartwell is beginning to change rapidly due to the sudden change in the water quality. The lake has now started the process of turning over in the deeper waters near the dam. If you know Striper fishing you know that the fishing will become tough and that there will be those days when you may not catch a fish. If you get lucky you may find a school of fish suspended and get the chance to drop some live bait or try to power reel them but if all holds true from the past few weeks the fish are holding too the bottom in the river channels and are getting harder and harder to find.

As a rule of thumb the lake does not turn over all at one time. I have found fish that would bite up the main river channels when nothing was going on in the deeper waters. Keep in mind that the upper lake usually turns over soon than the deeper waters. If you make your way up the lake be sure to check out the creeks and don’t forget to troll your umbrella rigs while looking for fish, this just may be your fish locator. I hope to be able to give a more positive report soon but that will all depend on the weather and just how fast a full lake can turn over completely. Clean up your gear and get ready, the bite will be back soon.


Bass fishing has not changed since last week it is still an early morning and late afternoon bite and seems to be the same from week to week with the only change being that the largemouth and spots are schooling in the late afternoons and early evenings. We are seeing a lot of schooling fish in coves and on or around shallow points early mornings and late afternoons. This could change with the lake turn over but for now the bite is strong. Fishing drop shots using the plastic of your choice is working great and has been our go to bait on every trip. Pumpkinseed colored plastics have worked best for us on Lake Hartwell.

SteelShad during the early morning is working really good throwing all of the different varieties that SteelShad offers at schooling fish, with the only exception being that the smaller SteelShad is working on Lake Hartwell better than the big SteelShads. The bass are starting to look for cover under docks and we have caught some good quality fish by fishing from one dock to another. The only problem that we have experienced is that the yearling bass will attack your lure at first site and you will spend your day releasing these hungry future lunkers.

Our bait of choice this past week has been the Weedless Wonder with a green pumpkinseed plastics fished near docks and along rocks and high banks. SteelShads have worked great throwing at schooling fish as well as Zara Spooks.


The crappie bite is in its summer time pattern. This pattern will remain until the fall weather moves in. We will return to our crappie reports at that time.

Lake Hartwell Fishing Report September 7 2018

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