Lake Lanier Fishing Report April 12 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report April 12 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report April 12 2019 | Sponsored by Hayes Automotive

OK, one phase sums up this weeks report, “It’s All Good”. Pretty much it’s biting right now, “it” being whatever species you want to catch! The water temps jumped up into the mid to upper 60’s, the lake level held fairly steady and as of Friday morning was 1.32 over full at 1072.32.


Striper fishing has been good, and the patterns have been relatively unchanged. The biggest differences I see is better overall fishing to due to the fish being a little more active/aggressive, probably due to the increase in water temps. The open water free line/planer board bite has been good. Adjust the distance and amount of weight on you lines until you tweak the bite, I think Herring are the best overall bait, but Shiner or gizzard Shad in the spread will be a plus. I particularly think the gizzards are a plus simply because they often draw fish into the spread because of their size and activity.

Fishing the lights really ramped up the past few days and most of the green lights/dock lights are holding plenty of fish. The fish on the lights are really not too picky so a wide variety of baits will work, but I really prefer a small buck tail. A jig, I have been casting a 1/4 oz Super jig with a Capt. Mack’s A rig grub, with a steady moderate retrieve. Buck tails offer a very good strike to hook up ratio, and you can cast them well, even if the wind is present. Steelshads are another productive option, as are pitching live baits.

We also have fish roaming shallow water over humps and points, and good groups of fish up both rivers that are taking Shad and Herring on free lines and planers. The fish may be difficult to see with the sonar because they are often singles or in small groups, they are also very shallow, so keep that in mind as you look for fish. Use your side imaging on the shallow stuff to see the fish that may be in the Down imaging cone.

The most effective way to fish this pattern is to deploy the baits, pull over the hump or point, if the fish are there they will generally respond on the first pass, Once you find humps/[points that are holding fish, keep returning to them and you will often catch a fish or two on each visit. I think Herring are the bait of choice here as well, but keeping a gizzard in the spread is a good idea. Take plenty of bait, the Spotted bass will eat ‘em up if you fish this pattern.


Bass fishing is very good, with fish roaming the shallows lake wide either spawning or preparing for or the spawn. Almost any type of cover may hold a fish, and with the lake being full we have an abundance of cover. Stumps, blow downs, docks, rocks, grass, or anything else you see may hold fish. We are entering the time of year where you can basically just beat the bank and catch plenty of fish.

It is hard to pick a best bait, with fishing this good and the abundance of shallow fish there are so many baits that are effective, it is hard to choose, but I’ll make a couple of recommendations to get you started. If you just want to catch ‘em, I still think a Weedless Wonder/Roboworm combo is hard to beat for consistency and numbers. It fishes well on all structures and in all depths.

We also have a very good spinnerbait bite, Jerk baits, swim baits(Sebile Magic Swimmer 125) are effective, and topwater are also really coming into to play. Maybe start with some of the above mentioned moving baits, if it is really slick, or maybe you are on a post frontal day (think this coming Monday here), switch to the worms. The worm is also a really good follow/change up to get an extra bite or two.


Crappie fishing has been good, and as expected many of the Crappie are in the Shallows. Shooting docks is a very strong pattern, shallow docks in the backs of the creeks or in the upper arms of either river will fill the well. The Bobby Garlands on your favorite lead head will be a
good choice for shooting the docks, try the Blue Ice, Pearl, and Pearl Chartreuse color patterns. The Crappie Country Chennile Jigs in the 1/24 oz are also producing well, the #1,3, and 5 patterns, in clear water or with plenty of sun, # 8, 11, or 12, with overcast skies or stained water conditions.

Long line trolling is accounting for some good catches and the average size of the trolling fish is very good. The backs of the creeks, follow the old channel, or flats along the upper reaches of the old river channels are good places to begin your search.

The Crappie Country Wow Grubs in the #16,98,21, and 99 colors patterns will be good options. Hair jigs tipped with minnows are also effective.

You can catch ‘em all day, but the best bite has been early and late!

Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

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