Lake Lanier Fishing Report August 2 2019


Lake Lanier Fishing Report August 2 2019

Isn’t it great to be in the first week of August and report that the lake is only .19 below full pool? We have actually been above full most of the year! Other than a few days in late May and into June, Lanier has been at or above full pool for almost the entire calendar year. The lake level has fallen this week to 1070.81, .19 feet below full pool. The surface temps are around 86 degrees, which is at or slightly below average for this date.


The Stripers are on a good bite, maybe not as strong as it was most of July, but still good! The patterns have changed a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. Downlines, power reeling, and trolling are all productive techniques, and I am not sure if one is the dominant pattern. So, pick your favorite, or better yet use them in combination to maximize the bite. On the downlines, You will find that the Herring can be tough to keep alive in certain depths. They seem to do very well in 25 feet, or below 70 feet, not as well between. Check them often, and replace as needed, it will make a difference in the bite. I have had several questions about the lure lights that we have used in past summers, and I do think they will be worth a few extra bites in the really deep water.

Speaking of deep water, there are good numbers of fish in 70 to 90 feet, and we have seen some really nice fish being taken on this pattern. Down lines and power reeling are both working for this deep water bite. Trolling has been a steady producer and you can take you pick of several options. With plenty of fish in the 25 to 35 foot range, pulling the umbrellas has been a productive technique. The Capt. Macks CM430CWH9 rig 120 to 150 feet behind the boat has been working well. Lead Core trolling has also been consistently producing, and may be our best pattern. A Chipmunk Jig, (1, 1.5,or 2 oz Jig) or the Capt. Mack’s Super Spin (White, Chart, or White Chart) at 8 colors has been the standard, you can tip either of those with your favorite plastics, or a live Herring.

Spoons will also get the bite, but not necessarily the larger spoons, flutter spoons and the Hawg spoon in the Jr. and Fat models are good choices to keep in the spread. Don’t forget about the Mini Mack’s they are also a good choice to troll behind the down rigger or on the lead core. One Footnote on the Herring trailer, watch the rod carefully for short strikes, the fish will often grab the Herring behind the hook and strip him off, which will diminish your odds of getting a bite. If you see that happen, reel it in and rebait. Trolling the down rigger is also very effective and I have had several questions concerning down riggers and the applications, and are they better than lead core? I think a down rigger is an excellent tool, and very worthwhile to have on the boat.

As far as being better than lead core, the down rigger will provide you some options that lead core or flat line trolling does not. With a down rigger, you can fish as deep as you want, while maintaining PRECISE depth control. That Depth control can be a real asset. You can also keep the bait close to the down rigger ball, 30 to 60 feet, which will give you much greater maneuverability as opposed to having 250 to 350 feet of line behind the boat. Instead of choosing one or the other, how about using riggers and the lead core in tandem. Fishing two of each, and you can have a four bait spread that overs the whole water column, and the way the baits stagger they will rarely interfere with one another. What about electric vs manual down riggers? Another good question that we will address next week!


Bass fishing? Well, it is August, what can be one of our slower months, but I would say fishing is pretty good based on the calendar. Deep water, main lake patterns in depths of 25 to 45 are the standard. Humps, timber edges, brush, and natural standing tress, are the target structures. With the lake being full, the natural structures such as standing trees, and timber edges are hard to find in the maximum depth, but they are viable structures and will become more so if the lake level continues to fall. On these deeper areas, worms on the shakey and spoons have been the go to baits.

Many of the Bass are loading up on smaller Threadfin Shad so smaller profile baits may be the better option. The 4” Roboworm in Morning Dawn, Marten’s Madness, and Watermelon Magic have been strong, and the Flex -It Spoons in the Silver Flash pattern have been accounting for good catches. If you are fishing over the main lake brush, the Spybaits are producing well, a weighed fluke will pull some fish out of the brush.

You may want to get one of your Striper fishing buddies to loan you a 1 oz Chipmunk to cast over the brush. Count it down to where it gets deep enough to skim the top of the pile, and retrieve it quickly over the brush. The jig works well because it is heavy enough to hold its depth while allowing you to retrieve quickly, and you will probably find that your hook up ratio is very good with this bait. If the fish do not respond to the above offerings, or even if you catch a couple, follow up with the worm on the shakey to finish up and get those last two or three bites

Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

Lake Lanier Fishing Report August 2 2019

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