Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 15 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 15 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 15 2019

Weather weirdness continues! After experiencing some record setting heat in May, we are having some unusually cool weather in mid June. The cold front that blew through North Georgia last Thursday brought a pretty big drop in air temps, albeit briefly, with low temps in the mid 50’s to the Lanier area Friday and Sat morning. All of these weather swings have not bothered the fish however, and all species remain on a good bite! With the full “Strawberry” Moon approaching on the 17th, look for fishing to remain strong this weekend and probably beyond. The lake level rose last week and as of Friday afternoon is 1071.67 .67 feet over full. The surface temps have dropped, quite a bit actually, and as of noon on June 14th the water was 75 degrees.

The Striper bite is good, and I think the down line bite is probably the overall best pattern, it is just a matter of determining what type of structure you fish and how deep you place the baits. Fishing the down lines over a 30 to 35 foot bottom, mainly over humps and points is still a good pattern, Herring are the primary baits. If you are fishing this pattern, you can either do a sonar search to find the fish, or deploy the baits and then ease up to the hump/point until you get over the 30 to 35 foot depth range. You may not see many groups of fish when you search these places, and many of the fish you do mark will be tight to the bottom, but either of these scenarios should get the bite. Pitching a bait towards the bank, or in the case of a hump to the crest of the high spot, may also get a few bites, especially early.

The green lights, mostly the deeper lights are still holding some fish, so that pattern is very viable so if you are out in the predawn hours, or after sunset, dropping the baits on your favorite light will be worthwhile. Fishing the drains, gullies ,and channels is a good method and will probably become the primary technique as we move further into June. The fish may be over the deep parts of these areas or as far back as a 35 to 40 foot bottom. Once you see a few fish, drop the baits to try and congregate them under the boat, drumming has been a big plus in recent days. Power reeling can be effective on this pattern as well, especially if the fish are really bunched up. Keep a big Chipmunk Jig or spoon tied on and ready to go!

The Bass bite has been good, and the cooler weather may keep some fish in shallow water for a few more days. Keitech Swim baits, small top waters, and flukes are good choices of baits for pounding shallow points and humps, and rocky areas. Worms on the shaky and the ned rig are also producing well. This shallow bite is better if you get a little help from the wind.

If the shallow patterns do not pan out, or you just want a change of pace, brush piles are really coming into play now as the Spotted Bass are moving onto their deeper, offshore summer areas. Casting a topwater over the brush for a couple cast is a good way to start, the small Chug Bugs, Zara Spooks, and Gunfish are a few plugs that have been effective for this pattern. Try casting a fluke over the brush, this old faithful has been very productive in recent weeks.

Once you finish up with the moving baits the Ned rig, worms on the shakey, or the drop shot will produce well. To address more questions on the Spot tails, these little guys are pretty easy to keep alive. Basically you do not need to worry about keeping them cool, just make sure they have good aeration and you should be fine. If you pull up to a beach to net them, and don’t see them, or maybe they are not near the boat, try casting something small and flashy parallel to the bank, (Rooster tails, little Cleos, or even a small jig will work) to draw them into eating range. They will often follow these types of baits right back to your boat, then you can toss ‘em a little chum and it should be game on.

Crappie fishing remains very good, for those few that are trying! If you like Crappie fishing the bite is good and it is still very much worthwhile to get on the water. The fish are bunched up well and easy to see on the sonar, docks are the primary structure but free standing brush is also worth a look. Jiffy Jigs, Bobby Garland’s and the Crappie Country Chenille jigs are all good baits, darker colors with lowlight, Lighter colors in the sun. The bite is best in the am, but you’ll be able to catch fish throughout the day!

Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 15 2019

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