Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 16 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 16 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 16 2019 | Sponsored by Hayes Automotive

Spring is right around the corner now, arriving next Wednesday the 20th at 5:58 PM. I think that the first day of Spring should be a national holiday myself. Maybe I need to issue a stop work order for that date? I’ll make a note n the calendar for next year and we’ll start that tradition! As an added bonus, the first day of Spring this year also coincides with at the full moon, that has not happened since 1981.

But wait, it gets even better!

The March full moon is A supermoon as well. It will be bigger and brighter than most of the other full moons during the year. I don’t know if the fish will respond, but that is a pretty rare alignment. I think you should plan on taking off Wednesday and go fishing! If nothing else utilize last weeks time change and head out after work for a couple of hours! The lake level has dropped 1.12 feet in the last week, but remains 3.32 feet over full pool at 1074.32.


The Striper bite has been good, and the patterns are pretty typical for March. The biggest change I’ve seen in the last few days is the number of fish pushing back into the creeks and coves, especially in the am hours. This pattern is easy. First, find the creek backs that are holding bait. Secondly, send out a couple of free lines and planer boards. and simply pull down the banks and into the back of the creek. Cast a small bucktail or fluke to the banks while you are pulling the spread. This will generally be good for some bonus bites from Stripers and Bass that are roaming the banks.

Pulling live baits over the mouths of the pockets and over the creek channels remains a very consistent pattern! Depths on this bite vary considerable from day to day. I think the free lines, weighed free lines, and planers are the most productive. However, down lines are still producing some decent numbers. Use a combination until you find the best depth, if there is one. Some days you may catch them scattered out on all of the above. Other days you’ll see a definite preference. Be flexible and closely monitor where which depths the bites are coming from. The bait of choice has been mixed as well on this pattern. Herring are effective, but a medium shiner is also worth keeping in the spread as are the Gizzard Shad.

Ok, so you can’t get away during the day? Work interferes with so many good things, right? No worries, night fish is really producing well. Grab some bombers, small buck tails, jerk baits, and your head lamp and go to the lake. Two patterns to choose from here: casting Bombers and McStiks in the back of the creeks, or chasing down the green lights on the docks! Both are good patterns right now, and will probably get better, as we move further into spring!


Bass Fishing has been good, with many different patterns working well. Water conditions have stabilized in most of the lake and we have plenty of areas that have a nice stain, very good for fishing crank baits( a Number 7 Shad Rap can be extremely prolific for this pattern) and spinnerbaits. The stained water may also be a little warmer, so look for distinct temperature breaks when you are entering a cove or creek. Cast either of the previously mentioned baits around shallow visible structure, docks, secondary points, and blow downs.

With the water still up, there is no shortage of cover to cast to. We also have some fish pulling up on some of our many reef poles, which are basically humps with a marker conveniently placed on it. Look at you chart when you approach one of the poles, they will almost always have a flat or point extending off of one side, targeting that part of the hump will probably increase your odds of a hookup.

Docks are very strong, worms on the lead head and jigs are the baits of choice. We still have plenty of Spots in that 15 to 25 foot range so docks in the mid creek areas are a good choice. A Weedless Wonder with a Roboworm (Prizm Kraw, Watermelon Magic and Bold Bluegill are among the top color patterns) is a consistent producer, along with your favorite 1/4 or 3/8 oz Jig. This pattern is still about high saturation, so keep moving, the bites are generally on one of your first 4 or 5 casts, catch the easy ones and move on!


Crappie fishing is very good, although the fish are still moving quite a bit due to changing water conditions and staging up or beginning to spawn. Shallow docks in the creek and cove backs, blown down trees and shallow visible cover may all hold fish. Live minnows under a float, the Crappie Country Wow Grubs, and hair jigs are all good baits to cast at the visible objects, the Bobby Garland will be the bait of choice for shooting the docks.

They are biting once you find the fish, just don’t get locked into fishing where the fish were in past years: high water may negate some of your favorite places, but it will create new places. That situation will continue to be a challenge as lake levels are expected to fall in the next few days.

Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

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