Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 6 2015

Weekly report from Captain Mack Farr | Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 6 2015

Hang in there everyone! Spring is on the way! Will this be the last day we see snow flurries? I believe that fishing is about to take a turn in the anglers favor VERY shortly!


The Stripers are still sluggish and while there have been some big fish caught, the numbers remain relatively poor. The patterns have changed very little in the last week but I expect to amend that statement by next week’s report. The basic drill remains; live baits in the backs of the creeks for the big bite, umbrellas over Humps, points and banks for the numbers. We are having a very strong Shad/Herring Kill right now and I think that is contributing to the tough fishing. This is an annual occurrence and is nothing to be worried about. It happens to some degree almost every winter. This is simply where prolonged periods of cold water weaken and kill many of the small forage fish which in turn makes it easy for the gamefish to feed. This abundance of bait is hard for anglers to compete with. Remember, if you are casting jigs, ice flies, or other artificials, slow down and fish steady retrieves for the best results.


The Bass have also been dormant, and basically if you get a bite an hour you are probably doing pretty well. The bite has mostly been on the worms in deep water, 25 to 50 feet. Finesse worms on the Weedless Wonder will be hard to beat. Fish slowly, and then maybe slow down some more to coerce a bite. Look for the fish to move and become active with a couple of days of warm-stable weather. If you are fishing shallow, or on the banks, use the wind and stained water to your advantage. Generally, there is plenty of both in March. You may also see some Bass moving into shallower water in low light conditions, especially n the upper reaches of the lake. As is the case with the Stripers, you can catch some really nice fish now, but the numbers are below average. Watch the weather and expect fishing to improve dramatically as water temps ease into the 50’s. On the shallow patterns, use the wind and stained water to your advantage, there is generally plenty of both throughout March.


The Crappie have been cooperating and should become even more accommodating in the next few days. At present, we still have plenty of fish roaming over the creek channels and long line trolling remains a good technique for these suspending fish. Docks are holding fish and will probably be even stronger as the month progresses. Popeye’s, The Sugarbugs Chenille Jigs and the Bobby garland Baits will all be good choices for shooting the docks. Blown down trees are also always a good choice, and while maybe not as consistent as docks, if you have side imaging on your sonar it is quick and easy to verify if there are fish in a tree. Take the time to scan some of our many blow downs and you may find some bonus honey holes.


The Walleyes remain enigmatic but we’ll keep ‘em in the report for a least a couple more weeks just for kicks and giggles. No reports on Walleyes being caught yet, but I’ll keep you posted and relay what I hear/see, and better yet, what DNR sees as they monitor the river. If you catch one, send me a pic!

Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 6 2015

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