Lake Lanier Walleye Spring Bite

Lake Lanier Walleye Spring Bite 2014

Lake Lanier Fishing Report | March 7 2014

Fishing continues to improve as we make the transition, albeit slowly, from winter into spring.


Walleye Fishing? Yes, Walleyes reside in Lake Lanier. The Walleyes were stocked here briefly during the mid-60’s, and DNR resumed Walleye Stocking in 2004. We actually have a viable Population of Walleyes that is truly under utilized. Most of the Walleyes taken from Lanier are caught by Striper or Bass Anglers that accidentally catch one of these toothy critters. If you have an interest in catching Walleyes, this is arguably the best time of the year to target this species as they make their annually spawning run up the rivers.
Fish small Crankbaits, Bucktails, Curly Tail grubs, or night crawlers in the deeper pools for the best results. Night fishing is also a good option as the Walleyes can be very nocturnal. If you catch them, keep them! They are arguably the best table fish in the lake. This should be a good pattern until the end of March when the fish will move from the rivers back into the lake.

Striped Bass

The Stripers are still very active at night. Casting small bucktails, Long A Bombers and the Spro McStik in the backs of the creeks has been very productive. The best bite seems to be from dusk until 10:00 PM, and again in the pre-dawn hours. Cast any of these baits to the banks because the fish are very shallow. Use a slow retrieve and hang on! During the day, live baits fished on Planer boards and free lines in the same areas will produce some nice fish. Live Bluebacks have been productive, but use a variety of baits to increase your odds.


Bass Fishing is good; although a little inconsistent as the fish respond to the weather changes that occur so frequently during March. Docks, secondary rocky points, blown down trees and drains entering the lake are good structures to target the Bass. I think fishing is best in the upper parts of the lake, especially in areas where the water is slightly stained. Crankbaits, jerkbaits, and plastic worms are all accounting for some nice catches.


The Crappie Fishing is very good, with anglers reporting some excellent catches in recent days. Concentrate on the backs of the creeks, primarily in the upper parts of either river, for the best results. Locating fish can be a challenge due to the abundance of shallow cover that we have with a full lake. Crappie will usually be quick to bite when you find them so keep moving until you locate fish.

Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

Lake Lanier Walleye Spring Bite

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