Lake Murray Fishing Report May 10 2018

Lake Murray Fishing Report May 10 2018

Lake Murray Fishing Report May 10 2018
Weekly report from Anderson Coleman of Lake Murray Hardware and Outdoor .

Here is our first ever fishing report for Lake Murray!

As we transition from spring into the warmer temperatures of May, your chances of catching a fish on Lake Murray increase. As the water temperature rises, Herring move towards shallow water and points to spawn. Currently, the water temperature is hovering around seventy degrees. The lake level is at 358.00. If you are thinking “why does this matter?”, let me explain. With a warm water temperature and high lake level, fishing becomes an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.


In the month of may, various techniques can be used to catch Striped Bass/Stripers. Right now, one of the best techniques is awaking early in the morning, and casting top water baits. These top water baits include, Pencil Poppers, Zara Spooks, and Ima Skim. Once the sun tops over the trees, chasing Seagulls around the lower part of the lake lead to schooling Stripers. Be sure to cast Top Water, Flukes, and Buck Tails.

If trolling is more of your style of fishing, focus on the 20 to 40-foot range of water. Stay near edges of creek channels and off the end of points. Some of the baits of choice for trolling are the Manns Stretch 25, and Captain Mack’s Umbrella Rigs.

The most effective way to catch striper on Lake Murray as of this week, is pulling live bait on Planer Boards and free lines. Focus in the areas of Beard’s Creek, Ballentine Cove, and all the way to the Damn. Fishing Down rods are working in the 20-50-foot water range on channel edges and off the ends of points. Cut bait bite is turning on in the 10-35-foot range when anchoring up on points and pinch points. This can be a great way to catch nice quality Striper.


Bass fishing is slightly tougher than Striper fishing right now. Like the Striper, fishing at first light can be effective while the bass are feeding on points. Casting Top Water and Flukes are a great way to catch these fish. Buzz Baits in the back of coves, casting around blow downs, will also hook up on some nice quality fish. Once the morning warms up, Shaky Heads like the Weedless Wonder around docks and brush piles are also effective in catching fish. These techniques should stay strong for the next couple of weeks.


Crappie fishing is currently in-between stages. Most fish have already spawned. Trolling in the 10-16-foot range is effective of both Little and Big Saluda Rivers. Casting and shooting docks in deeper water can pick up a couple of fish once the sun has peaked.


This is one of my favorite times of year to night fish for some Lake Murray Cats. Anchoring up on a point where you are able to cover various water depths, fishing with Night Crawlers and Herring, is a fantastic way to load your cooler with beautiful Lake Murray Blue Cats and Channel Cats.

Tight Lines,

Anderson Coleman
Owner of Lake Murray Hardware and Outdoor

Lake Murray Fishing Report May 10 2018

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