Summer Trolling Lake Lanier Stripers

Summer Trolling Lake Lanier Stripers

Lake Lanier Fishing Report | August 29, 2014

Summer Trolling Lake Lanier Stripers continues as we enter into September. The striped bass bite has been outstanding in terms of numbers and size. This summer pattern should continue to be productive for a few weeks, at least thru mid September when we begin the turnover process. Concentrate your search for the Stripers on the lower end creek channels and the river channel itself. Just keep moving around until you see the fish on the sonar. Trolling the Capt. Mack’s Chipmunk jig on the lead core 7 to 9 colors back has been extremely productive and remains a great way to locate fish.
The Blue/Chart Chipmunk has been a good color, and tipping the jig with a live Herring has been a consistent producer. Once you see any gathering of fish, drop the herring on the down rods and/or start power reeling and you should be hooked up in short order.

One method that I have not giving enough mention in recent weeks is trolling with downriggers. Downriggers allow a level of precision that can’t really be obtained with lead core, and there is no limitation on the depth. You can also use the downrigger and lead core rigs at the same time which allows you a more a larger, more efficient trolling spread. The same baits that you troll on the lead core will be effective on the downriggers as well.

The Spotted Bass bite still revolves around main lake brush with the added benefit of open water schooling fish. Worms on the Texas Rig, Drop Shot Rig, or the Weedless Wonder Shaky Head are hard to beat for consistency and numbers. Cast and/or drop the worms around the same 20 to 30 foot brush piles I have been mentioning for the last few weeks and you should have plenty of takers. The Roboworm in Hologram Dawn, Green Shiner, and Prizm Kraw colors are all good color choices right now.

Keep your eyes open for schooling bass as you move around the lake. The surface activity seems to be on the increase but these fish are on the move and you will have to respond quickly. Top waters are most anglers’ bait of choice for these surfacing fish. There is no doubt that pure top water is a fun technique, but you may want to consider something that can be fished both on top along with subsurface. Due of their small, compact profile, spoons are excellent choices for this application. They cast long distances, even in the wind, and if the fish are locked onto smaller baits, which is the case now, their compact size “matches the hatch”.

Crappie Fishing has also very good. You’ll need to go up into the upper end of either river to make this work. Free Standing brush is the best structure. Look for brush around 20 feet deep. White seems to be the color of choice and hair jigs get the nod over plastics. A live minnow on a down line will also get the bite.

Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

Lanier Fishing Report | Summer Trolling Lake Lanier Stripers

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