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His popular umbrella rigs and jigs will help you put fish in the boat!

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Captain Mack Farr has over thirty years of professional fishing experience. He is considered an expert on Striped and Spotted Bass fishing on Georgia’s Lake Lanier and throughout the waters of the southeast.

His Umbrella Rigs and famous Chipmunk and Super Jigs are used by winning professionals in tournaments from Georgia to California. His books and videos are widely considered the best instructional tools available for those considering learning or enhancing their skills.

His credentials as a fishing guide speak for themselves. Mack has been fishing professionally since 1982. His 200 days on the lake annually provide him with the knowledge and skills to make your trip successful and enjoyable. Whether you are a seasoned pro or novice angler, you will enjoy fishing with Mack on Georgia’s Lake Sydney Lanier — one of the nation’s premier striper fisheries.


On-Air & On-Line

Watch Capt. Mack Farr team up with Capt. Cefus McRae, O’Neill Williams, and many others to bring you the techniques and presentations needed to catch fish in any conditions.

The Nuts & Bolts of Fishing show features Pro Staffer – Captain Mack Farr on several episodes. Watch all the Nuts & Bolts Videos right here on our site, YouTube, Nuts & Bolts of Fishing, or FOX Sports South & Comcast Sports South.

Every week more than 1.4 million people listen or watch O’Neill on radio and television or read his articles in magazines. Even with all this attention, O’Neill continues to be a down-to-earth guy who loves to hunt and fish and is always willing to talk to fans.

The show frequently features Captain Mack Farr. Watch O’Neill Outdoors videos right here on our site, YouTube, O’Neill Outdoors, or FOX Sports South & Comcast Sports South.

Visit our YouTube channel to view a vast collection of videos featuring Capt. Mack. Learn how to troll an umbrella rig, pull jigs on leadcore line, catch striped bass after dark, utilize spot-tail minnows to catch spotted bass, how to shoot docks for crappie and much, much more.


2015 began my 32nd year Guiding on Lake Lanier! The craziness of it all is I still love to fish, and guide clients, for all types of fish. I am not sure where the obsession came from, but I still love it now as much as did 32 years ago. I get asked fairly often “are you burned out after 32 years” The answer is a absolutely not! One of the greatest aspects of fishing is the constant evolution of the sport that will always allow you to learn more and improve as an angler.

As good as you may be, you can always improve! New baits, techniques and amazing advances in equipment and electronics enhance the simple thrill of feeling that bite on the other end. That feeling never gets old!

I’m looking forward to a great 2016. The lake is fishing well and all indications are that the fish populations are strong. The next 2 to 4 years should be very prolific!

Make it a point to go fishing more in 2016. Take your kids and make some memories, you’ll be glad you did!


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