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How To Retrieve Umbrella Rigs

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Fishing Tips | December 20, 2014 | How To Retrieve Umbrella Rigs[space]

How many times have you got your umbrella rigs hung up and you lost the whole rig?

Well, if its one or more, then Jerry Hester’s Umbrella Rig Retriever will save you money by retrieving the whole rig for you. You may lose a bait or two off of the umbrella rig, but you will save the rest of your rig.

A definite must if you’re going to pull umbrella rigs! An umbrella rig retriever will pay for itself the first time it’s used.[space]

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Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

How To Retrieve Umbrella Rigs

ben parker magnum spoon

How To Fish The Ben Parker Spoon

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I have been receiving numerous questions about the Ben Parker Custom Spoons recently. Most people are astounded by its size, but don’t let that fool you. To put it in perspective, how many Striper anglers go out of their way to get big Gizzard Shad or Rainbow Trout, as big as 18 inches, to use as bait? The Ben Parker Spoon is 8 inches, just like a large herring or a relatively average size shad. In relative terms it is not that big.

I received the first spoons in early July, so to this point, I have only used it for deep water applications, primarily power reeling. Below, I will explain how I have been successful with it on Lake Lanier and surrounding waters in the southeast.
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