Cotton Cordell Red Fin Minnow


The Cotton Cordell Red Fin Minnow is a legendary lure for a variety of game-fish. This classic, high-riding, extra-buoyant stick bait has been copied numerous times, but never duplicated.

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Cotton Cordell Red Fin Minnow

The hollow head of the Cotton Cordell Red Fin Minnow allows you to twitch it like no other lure. It’s true running action provokes more strikes. It is a proven performer for striped bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, red-fish, and sea trout.

  • Expert engineered high riding and extra buoyant characteristics.
  • This top-water bait has a classic V-wake that runs truer than its competition for increased strikes.
  • Its hollow head lets you twitch it like no other top-water lure.
  • This redfin is a game-changing striper lure and especially effective for largemouth and wolf-pack spotted bass.
  • It is also extremely productive for specks and redfish on the Gulf Coast.

Top-quality construction and tough components make this a lure you can depend on, no matter the species you’re targeting.


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