Lightforce Lance 140


With all the superior features of the SL series the ML spotlights are specifically designed for boating enthusiasts and use in extreme marine environments.

The intense focus-able beam penetrates the inky blackness of night like no other on the market!

All 3 hand held ML model spotlights are available with specialized modifications to help prevent moisture getting into the light when used on boats or in marine environments.

Due to its superior light output and efficiency this light is perfect for night time navigation, identifying landmarks and negotiating difficult waters and hazards. It is corrosion resistant and unaffected by thermal shock making these lights ideal for these extreme environmental conditions that frequently see lesser quality lights cease operation.

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Lightforce Lance 140 ML1404

Considering the potential danger of equipment failure when boating it only makes sense for yours and others safety to choose LIGHTFORCE ML spotlights as your standard marine equipment.


• Same proven feature as the SL series (coil cord only)

• Fitted with a long life bulb to cope with voltage fluctuations of out board motors

• Switch with rubber boot durability (Hand held)

• Rubber seal inserted in side the handle for long life

• Available in 140, 170 and 240mm

• Remote mounted models feature stainless steel fittings

• Note: the handheld ML series are water resistant and not designed to be submerged however will float if dropped overboard

Order Code | ML1404 Lance 140mm with cig plug lead


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