Umbrella Rig-Leadcore Rod


This all new Okuma Umbrella Rig-Leadcore Rod has been specifically designed for trolling our umbrella rigs or pulling our jigs on leadcore.

Captain Mack's Umbrella Rig-Leadcore Rod is a 7” 6” one piece rod. It features stainless guide frames, titanium oxide guide inserts,  triangular fore grip and a stainless hook keeper. It also features a rubber shrink tube butt to improve rod holder removal and durability. Our umbrella rig-leadcore rod offers a tough medium heavy action. It also provides a fast enough tip to provide enough flex, allowing the fish to take the bait.

Pick up one today and let this rod muscle in your next trophy catch!


Introducing The All New Okuma Umbrella Rig-Leadcore Rod!

Captain Mack’s Umbrella Rig-Leadcore Rod by Okuma provides plenty of backbone to put the brakes on big fish after the hookup! Trolling puts rigorous demands on tackle, and we designed this rod to stand up to those demands. Equally effective with your favorite mono-filament, braid, or lead core. Keep a set of the Captain Mack’s Umbrella/leadcore rods on board your boat to maximize your trolling success!


With over 30 years of research, development, and manufacturing experience, Okuma Fishing Tackle has developed an impressive range of rods to fit your needs on the water. Teaming up with Captain Mack Farr and his 30+ years of experience introduces an all new rod packed with innovation. Trolling his popular umbrella rigs or trolling his famous buck-tail jigs on leadcore has just tipped the scales!

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Rod Return Policy


Because of the over sized dimensions of the Capt Mack’s Umbrella rig rod, our return policy differs somewhat from other items available on the site. In the event that you have a defective rod, please email pictures of the broken or damaged piece. We will issue a credit/refund per your instruction. This avoids the costs involved with shipping the defective piece plus the return. It may be necessary to mail a portion of the rod (only the piece directly in front of the foregrip) that stays the model and action of the rod.

Please call 1.888.989.8052 if you have any questions concerning shipping or replacement of this item.


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