Weedless Wonder Shakey Head


The “Weedless Wonder” has a unique patented design with a hidden eye assuring less hang-ups. Pitch it into a brush pile and virtually never get hung-up.

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Weedless Wonder Shakey Head

Includes 3 in each pack.

The Weedless Wonder Shakey Head was designed and patented by two FLW Touring Professionals; Jimmy Millsaps and Rich Lowitzki. Jimmy Millsaps is a three-time FLW championship qualifier and has had a very successful BASS career with several top finishes. Rich Lowitzki is a relatively new, up and coming professional who has qualified for one FLW championship and has had several top 10 finishes.

With on the water experience, these two professionals continue to find ways to improve the capabilities and the quality of fishing lures that will help improve the fish catching results of fishermen at every level.

Made with Gamakatsu Hooks.


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