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Lake Lanier Fishing Report-May 9, 2020

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Happy Mother’s day to all! Sorry we are a little late with the report, I guess I fished too much this week, oh wait, I forgot, there is no such a thing. That was a silly thought! I’ll try and be a little more timely with next weeks report returning to a Thursday post. The bite is good, changing perhaps, but good overall. The lake temps held up well in sprite of this late season cold front, anywhere from 63 to 66 as of Saturday. Enjoy this cooler weather, after the first of the week it looks like a return to seasonally normal temps with lows in the 60’s and highs in the 80’s. The lake level  is also holding up well, although we did fall .26 feet last week to 1071.76, .76 feet above full pool. 

Striper fishing has been good ,but we are still dealing with a wide range of patterns and fish being scattered out all over the lake. Live baits are probably the best pattern, but there are some good opportunities to catch fish casting your favorite artificial as well. The downline bite remains prolific, maybe not as strong as in recent weeks, but still a very good pattern. Look for the fish in pockets, on flats beside the creek channels, around points and humps, and deep saddles. Fishing over a 35 to 40 foot bottom seems to be a good depth to target. Free lines and planers are also producing, and a lightly weighted free line is a plus. Just add a #5 or #7 Split to the line, maybe a couple if the wind is pushing your boat speed higher than you want.  

There is also a very good shallow bite, with fish pushing up on banks and points in a little as 3 feet of water. Some of this is associated with the Shad/Herring Spawn, but certainly not limited to that condition. Wind and low light probably enhance’ this technique, and an early start is a bonus as well. To locate spawning bait, look for areas with rock, rip rap or naturally occurring rock, (watch the Heron’s, and what few Gulls are still present)most of the bait fish spawn on this type of structure.  If you can see spawning baitfish, there will most probably be fish around, both Stripers and Spots, that are generally very catchable. Live baits on free lines and planers and pitching Herring to surfacing fish or up on the points is also effective. If you want to cast, and you need to be throwing something while the baits are soaking, Flukes, swim baits and Mini Macks are extremely productive. I have had really good success this week casting the Mini on the bait spawns and just blind casting to points. On the latter, think of the run and gun method that you wools use with a Redfin or other topwater. Throw a Mini up to a point, if the fish is there he will generally bite it on one of the first couple of cast, then you go on to the next place. Thus far, the fish have been a little reluctant to take the top waters, They will roll on them, but the hook up ratio has been low. I am not sure why, and hopefully it will improve in the next few days. In the meanwhile, the above mentioned baits will get the bite and the hook up! 

The dock lights are producing very well and this pattern is effective on all parts of the lake. Casting small buck tails, Flukes, and swim baits, and soft plastics on lead heads should all get the bite!  Of course a live Herring on a pitch rod is always a good choice. This bite is good from sundown throughout the night until just after first light!

The Bass bite has been good, but they fish are definitely starting to transition into post spawn patterns, or at least some of them, with fish showing up in and around brush and humps as deep as 25 or 30 feet. There are also some fish really shallow, so to some extent you can pick the type of fishing you like. As with the Stripers, there are still plenty of Bass picking on the spawning bait, swim baits, soft plastics on a lead head, top waters and Minis are all good choices for this pattern. This is primarily an early am bite, and has applications all over the lake. The other shallow patterns revolve more around structure and are generally enhanced by low light conditions, but will have application all day as opposed to the fish on bait spawns which tend to go away after the first couple of hours of the day. The weather also can straighten either pattern, with cloudy, rainy, pre frontal weather helping the shallow patterns, and the clear blues behind the front pushing more fish into the deeper patterns. 

On the deeper structures, a topwater or swim bait cast over the area is always a good choice, you can always follow that up with a subsurface bait (a lightly weighted Fluke has been a good choice) bait or worm if the fish are slow to respond to the topwater. One footnote on some of these deeper fish: if you are seeing big groups of fish that will not bite, factor in you may be watching a bunch of Channel Catfish? They love brush, and they will group up fairly well. They will also move around in the water column, not limited to the concept that all catfish stayed glued to the bottom. The lake is full of them so be aware of that variable.  

Good Fishing!!

Capt. Mack

Lake Hartwell Fishing Report- May 7, 2020

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Our Lake Hartwell Fishing Report for May 07, 2020

Welcome back to a complete Lake Hartwell Fishing Report, the objective of these weekly reports are to supply you with the most up to date fishing for Lake Hartwell. Now today is a special day for me, it’s my birthday and I spent it on the lake all by myself enjoying what I love, fishing! I may be an old man but when I get in the boat and on a school of fish I feel like I’m only as young as my mind tells me that I am instead of how old my body reminds me that I am! Fishing can provide you a vitamin and boost that you just can’t buy anywhere else. It’s good medicine for the mind, body and soul. This Sunday is Mother’s Day so it’s a good week to honor your mom by taking her on a fishing trip and create a lifelong memory; she already thinks that you are her best catch ever. I’m still teaching Instructional Fishing Classes on the water so give us a call and let’s learn something new. So as I remind everyone who wants to catch fish, my advice is let’s let, Humminbird Find Them, Minn Kota Sneak up on Them, Stealth Rod Holders Hold Them, Captain Mack Products Fool Them and Okuma Rods and Reels Put Them in the Boat! So let’s go Fishing!  

The Lake Hartwell water levels at the time of this report are 661.44 which is.1.44 feet above the 660 full pool levels. The current water temperatures are sixty seven degrees. We continue to have a lot of cold fronts moving through this past week with a major cold front coming in this weekend that will possibly drop temperatures back into the thirties by Sunday, yes I said the thirties after it has been in the high eighties for the beginning of this week. Let’s just see what this does to our fishing in the coming days.


Striper and Hybrid fishing has been fair this past week and the false spawn seem to be coming to an end earlier than usual especially on the Seneca River arm of the lake. Keep in mind that not all the Stripers and Hybrids spawn at the same time so you will be able to catch some fish as they go up the rivers as well as fish as they are on their way back out of the rivers. This past week the Striper and Hybrid fishing has been really tough. One of the best guides on the lake came off the water this past week with only two fish which left him with the same attitude that we all have experienced before as he remarked that he would be burning his log books, selling his boat and gear as he is sick of the way these fish treat us all sometimes! Now we all have had those kinds of trips and we all have experienced those same emotions to just go right back out a few days later to load the boat. It’s hard to explain how fishing can be great one day and the F.B.I can’t even find the fish the very next day but you just can’t give up. If you look at last year’s report for this same time you will see that the fishing was great, so just hang in there it’s just a matter of time and the bite will be back just as it always does during this time of the year. It’s time to pull up on the shallow points before daylight early morning to catch the Stripers and Hybrids as they chase bait into the shallow waters before daylight. This bite is usually fast if you hit the right point and you can easily be out of bait before the sun comes up if the fish are biting on your point. This method is covered in our Instructional Trips and it is a fun and productive way to catch a big box of fish. The big fish are biting right now and this week’s picture is of a Spring time fish caught pulling a Planer Board across a point on Lake Hartwell. If you want to book a future fishing trip during this spring season on Lake Hartwell or get your Instructional Trip done before the spring bite is over with then now is the time to get these trips booked. I’ve been told that I give to many secrets away when it comes to Striper and Hybrid fishing, well I plead guilty but I want to be known as the Striper fisherman that shared his all. If you fished an Instructional Trip this past year you can use your Instructional Book to put yourselves in the right places to catch fish during the next month and don’t forget I’m just a phone call away. I would make a serious suggestion being if you are not prepared to pull Umbrella Rigs or Mini Mack’s and if you want to pull big baits on your Perfect Planer Boards you might want to look at the bottom of this report for my suggestions on gear to catch fish during the next few months. It’s time to pull some Perfect Planer Boards with gizzard shad close to the banks or in the backs of the creeks where the big fish roam. When I move back out of the backs of the creeks I deploy two ultra-light freelines behind the boat rigged with live herring to catch the fish that are feeding on top and you would be surprised at just how many fish I catch on these ultra-light rigs. I usually locate these fish one of two ways. I locate them on my Humminbird Side Imaging or Down Imaging and the minute that I get them under the boat I drop my live bait and Mini Mack’s into the schools of fish. If the fish decide not to eat my live bait then my Captain Mack Umbrella Rigs are my automatic tools for the guaranteed bite. The Captain Mack Umbrella Rigs work great now and will continue to work as spring arrives. If you want to catch fish during the next couple of months you should add Captain Mack Umbrella Rigs to your fishing gear for the guaranteed bite. Again we cover all these methods in our Instructional Trips and it’s a fun way to catch some good Stripers. One main item that we cover in our Instructional Fishing Trips is how to locate Stripers and Hybrids and then the best methods to catching them. There are many ways to catch Stripers and Hybrids on Lake Hartwell and our Instructional Trips cover all of these points. Now is one of the best times to fish one of our Instructional Trips, it’s also a great time to witness first-hand what a changing season and pattern does to the fish and how to adapt to new fishing patterns. When you fish an Instructional Trip you will learn everything there is to know about catching Stripers and Hybrids on Lake Hartwell or your home lake and you will be given the chance to ask all the questions that very few professional Striper fishermen will share, so if you are interested in learning all the different techniques to catching Stripers and Hybrid Bass now is one of the best times to get in a teaching boat for an Instructional Trip or it’s a good time to get your calendar out and go ahead and book a future trip as they book up quickly when the weather begins to warm back up. If you have ever wanted to be one of the boats that come to the dock with your limit after a good spring fishing trip you might want to book a trip really soon. A Striper Instructional Trip will be the best trip that you will ever take and it will increase your odds of catching fish tremendously on any Striper or Hybrid lake. If you are interested in booking a future 2020 Instructional Trip or guide trip give Captain Mack a call at 770-235-8135.

Go to baits for this week.

  • Live Blueback Herring or Gizzard Shad fished on down rods and freelines. The bait shops are all suppling good quality bait and several have the gizzard shad that you will need for that big fish bite. Be sure to add O2 from your Keep Alive O2 system to keep this bait healthy during your trip. The live bait bite has been tough but should get better soon.
  • Okuma Classic Pro Striper Rods. This live Bait Rod paired with the Okuma Cold Water CW203D reel is a great match, this rod and reel combo is the perfect Striper and Hybrid combo and it is unmatched in its ability to handle a good fish while giving you all you need to enjoy the fight. This rod and reel combo is the perfect tool and I would give this rod and reel an A++ for Striper Live Bait Fishing. If you choose another reel that will be up to you but try the Okuma Classic Striper Rod side by side with your other rods and I promise you that you will see the difference immediately!
  • Captain Mack Super Spoons or Captain Mack Jig’N Shad spoons. These Jigs are great for fish that are bunched up and hugging the bottom. These Jigs are a must have for the winter months.
  • Any top water bait of your choice; I prefer a spook or anything in a chrome color. Flukes and swim baits paired with one of Captain Mack’s trailers. The chartreuse trailer works the best for me. 
  • Keep Alive Oxygen System. This system will make a huge difference in your bait. I know from experience that this system will help keep your bait in perfect condition during your day of fishing and increase your odds of catching fish with the best bait you can put in the water.
  • Captain Mack Umbrella Rigs. I will never go to the lake without them! The Umbrella Rig bite is a guaranteed bite now and the four arm nine bait rigs are working the best. These rigs are best fished using the Okuma 303 Coldwater series on a Captain Mack Trolling Rod. They can be purchased at Lake Hartwell Fish and Marine as well as Sportsman’s Warehouse and Academy Sports. If your favorites bait and tackle shop does not carry them you might want to ask for them. I like to get my tackle where I normally shop and I hate to go to the lake without everything that I need to catch a good box of fish.
  • Captain Mack Mini Mack’s – they will catch good fish if trolled with your trolling motor at .08 mph or pulled behind your Perfect Planer Boards. Pulling this rig behind your planer boards is working great right now and gives you the ability to cover a lot of water! These rigs are hard to find right now as they sell out quickly. They can be found at Lake Hartwell Fish and Marine and I personally would ask my favorite fishing store to purchase them so that you always have a good supply at your go to bait shop.
  • Perfect Planer Boards. This is the best Planer Board I have ever used. The Planer Board bite can be an all-day bite right now as you cover a lot of water. It is working great right now and it gives you the ability to put more bait in the water which always increases your odds of catching more fish. I will fish Planer Boards every trip during the fall and winter months waiting for that big explosion that always seems to come behind a Planer Board.
  • Stealth QR2 Quick Release Rod Holders. This is a NEW Technology Rod Holder and it is built for the fisherman that wants the best for their boats and the ability to fish at any angle that you would like to fish with a few simple adjustments that you can make without tools on the fly. Down rods, freelines or Umbrella Rigs these rod holders will get the job done and they come with a Lifetime Guarantee. The clients that I have fished since installing these new rod holders have already said that they are the BEST that they have ever used and are looking to install them on their boats. (If you are buying a new boat this year please check out the Stealth QR2. Do not scratch up your rails with other rod holders when you can install a Stealth QR2 that will leave no marks on your new rails and will do you an excellent job.)


This past week has been good for Bass fishing. The Spotted Bass bite has been fair with Spotted Bass coming off of points that drop off into 20-40 feet of water being caught on Alabama Rigs, Ned Rigs, Drop Shots, Shakey Heads and Carolina Rigs with soft plastics. The Largemouth Bass are biting well off of points and in the backs of coves around structure off of Spinner Baits and Crankbaits. We are seeing some schooling activity just at sun down in the early evening hours. There are a few fish still on bed but it appears that most of the fish are moving back to feeding on baits in their normal feeding patterns. Captain Mack under Spin Jig.

  • KVD 1.5 Magnum Square Bill baits in the color of your choice, with all the rain I would suggest something in a shad or chartreuse color. Deeper diving crank baits are also working in these same colors.
  • Ned Rigs and hard and soft Jerk Baits of your preference, the Robo Worms are working best. We are catching some good fish on swimbaits rigged with Captain Mack Trailers; again the chartreuse color is working the best.
  • Captain Mack Weedless Wonder Shakey Head rigged with a Robo six inch Morning Dawn or Bluegill worms as well as some new colors we are using. The Captain Mack Weedless Wonder is the BEST Bass bait that I know of for Lake Hartwell and I recommend that you not go to the lake without rods rigged with the Weedless Wonder!
  • Captain Mack Mini Mack’s. If you want to catch some big Spotted Bass this is a go to bait!
  • Robo Worms are working the best for us. There are several colors that work great!
  • Steel Shads in various colors and sizes are working around structure as well as in open water.
  • Spinner Baits of your choice will get the job done.


The Crappie bite is good and the fish are still under docks with some donkeys being caught as you move from one dock to another. Patients will get the job done as you take your time and move from one place to another. The recent blow downs created from some pretty bad Lake Hartwell storms from earlier weeks are holding some good numbers of fish. A new tree in the water is a great condo for fish looking for a new hang out and you would be surprised how quickly they will find it and make it their home. You might have to catch ten fish to catch a few good keepers but it’s a good bite and a fun bite as you move from one blow down to another. Live bait under a float and your favorite jigs are working well.

 Go to Baits for this week.

  • Small minnows fished on four pound test line under small floats pitched under docks or over brush will get you the bite you’re looking for. Tipping a jig with a small minnow is working also.
  • Popeye Jigs are doing the job right now and if fished slowly in deeper brush piles they will produce the bite you are looking for. I will share a secret to fishing this jig later in the year as the water gets much colder so stay tuned and I will let you know when this idea begins to work.
  • Give Captain Mack a call and order you a good supply of Crappie Country Jigs or drop by Lake Hartwell Fish and Marine and pick out a good selection from their large collection of colors and sizes. They come in some Crappie killer colors and they will produce some good fish.
  • Humminbird Solix or Helix graphs and Minn Koto Trolling Motors. These graphs have superior side imaging and down imaging and are worth every cent if you are looking to locate Crappie. You have to find them to catch them and Humminbird gives you that ability. 


Wishing you all tight lines and good fishing! Rick Owen – Lake Hartwell Professional Fishing Guide (Ret.) Certified SCDNR Fishing Instruction. To book your next Lake Hartwell fishing adventure please call Captain Mack Farr at  770-235-8135





Lake Hartwell Fishing Report April 30, 2020

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Our Lake Hartwell Fishing Report for April 30, 2020

Hello to all, I hope you are safe during these crazy times! Unfortunately, Capt. Rick has been sidelined this week due to Illness, not to worry, he has not been diagnosed with Covid, but a really bad stomach bug that has kept him off the water. He plans to return next week with the full Hartwell Report! In the meanwhile, the bite is good for all species, and the ramps and tackle shops are open and ready to go! Get out on the water and go fishing’ Wishing you all tight lines and good fishing! Rick Owen – Lake Hartwell Professional Fishing Guide (Ret.) Certified SCDNR Fishing Instructor

To book your next Lake Hartwell fishing adventure or Instructional Trip please call Captain Mack Farr  – 770-235-8135. 


Lake Lanier Fishing Report-April 23, 2020

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Welcome to April on Lanier! The fishing is generally very good, however, the weather changes can be frequent, and that has been the case since the first of the month. The long term weather forecasts indicate that the last week of April will offer more of the same, so pick your days accordingly as you plan your trips to the lake. Lake levels are staying above full pool levels with abundant rainfall, and as of Thursday evening Lanier’s level was 1072.10, 1.10 above full pool. That is .10 feet below last weeks level. The Surface temp is 64 degrees, which would be very near average for this date. 

If you are targeting the Stripers, the bite is good overall, but perhaps changed from recent weeks. Early or late, or fishing during the night is probably offering the best activity, with the fish being somewhat sluggish somedays in the mid day hours. Some of this is a reaction to the Striper/Herring Spawn, which has begun, but based on what I have seen is not full on quite yet. Watch for this activity, it will usually occur at first light, and normally they will be on rock of some sort. Find this and you will probably have fish with it! If you can locate the bait fish spawn, live baits on flat lines/planers, should be quick to get the bite. While you are pulling the baits cast something to the bank. A topwater, a swim bait(the Sebile Magic Swimmer is the standard for this bite)a Keitech on a lead head, are all good choices for this application. You may find that casting is more effective that bait fishing, with the exception of pitching live bait, just because it is so precise. If you are out early be prepared to capitalize on this situation when it occurs. 

Speaking of pitching Herring, I have had plenty of inquiries about that bite, as it was absolutely crazy at this point last year. It is a viable technique right now, and is the go to method for night time fishing on the lights, but slow to develop during the daylight hours. I think the fish are more scattered than they were during April of last year, and the Herring spawn is not as strong so far. I’ll keep you updated on this pattern next week’s report. Free lined Herring, with some down lines mixed in are also producing, keep mobile and be prepared to fish a variety of depths and structures as the fish are using a wide depth range. Adding a small split or two to the free line may be a big plus, especially in the wind.

Trolling is also good, and is really beneficial with the wind, which based on the extended forecast that is a viable consideration upcoming week. Both with the Mini Mack and the full size rigs are producing well, although the applications are different. The Mini seems to be best on the stealth troll, and it will be beneficial to keep one mixed into the Bait Spread. You can fish them as a flat line or behind the planer, pulling them at around .5 MPH. Basically, treat it just like a live bait, some days they will take the Mini Mack just as quickly, or more so, that the live baits. It is also very effective to cast at schoolers, or in the above mentioned bait spawn scenario. Trolling the big rigs revolves clipping 20 to 25 foot points, or humps in the same depth range. Keep the rig around 15 to 20 feet deep, and both the Shad  body rigs or the Buck tail rigs are effective, 2.5 to 3.0 MPH is the optimal speed. 

Bass fishing has been very good, and the biggest challenge is still selecting the right bait on a given day, and the right structures. With plenty of fish on the banks in relatively shallow water, the range of effective baits is very broad. The Flukes rigged weightless or slightly weighted are a very consistent producer, as are spinner baits and jerk baits, the latter two best with some wind. Small Swim baits like the Keitechs are doing well, and a Finesse worm or Senko on the Weedless Wonder is consistently accounting for good catches. Top waters are also effective, and I expect those baits to become stronger as the water warms. I had a good bite Wednesday casting the small Chug Bugs over 5 to 10 foot stumps fields in the back 1/3 of the creeks, not many big fish but good numbers. Don’t rule out fishing a little deeper, as we have fish showing up on deeper points and main lake humps as deep as 20 to 24 feet. 

As the off shore top water bite emerges, one bait many bass fisherman may be underutilizing is the Cordell Redfin. The Striper guys consider it a staple, but it is also an extremely effective Bass bait, especially for the big Spotted Bass. Simple to fish, cast it to the targeted structure, usually a hump or point, and use a slow retrieve v-waking the bait across the surface. That is  the easy part, the difficulty occurs when a tank of a Spotted bass, or a group of big Spotted Bass start busting all over the bait! You will want to set the hook on sight, and as hard as it is, don’t do it! Keep retrieving the bait with the same cadence until you feel the weight of the fish, then set the hook. Often the fish, or fishes, will miss the bait, often repeatedly, but will generally stay with it until they get hooked up. The only exception I make to that regimen is when you have fish busted all over the plug, but you have retrieved the bait right up to the boat. Stop the bait and let it lay there until the fish gets it. It takes nerves of steel sometimes, but it is a very effective, not to mention a very entertaining way to catch fish! I prefer the 7” inch Redfin, it is much more castable than the 5” model, and it’s added buoyancy makes it much easier to keep it on top making that nice v-wake. It will also catch the attention of a Striper if he is around, which most consider a plus. If you want to see how it works, I have some video on my You Tube Channel of the Redfin, showing how retrieve it with that signature v-wake pattern.

Good Fishing!!

Capt. Mack


Lake Lanier Fishing Report April 16, 2020

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Fishing has been good and with our current Corona Situation many people are using the extra time to get out the water! No reason to stop that trend, unless of course you try your hand at Turkey hunting! With the exception of some potential thunderstorms Sunday, the long term forecast looks pretty good for fishing so get out on the lake! Water levels remain very good, we are at 1072.20, 1.20 over full pool as of Thursday evening.

Not much change in the Striper report this week, the bite is good and we have several choices of techniques and patterns. Fish are being caught all over the lake, and the bite is still good up in both rivers. Live baits, Herring and Gizzard Shad, are both very productive, and I would keep at least one or two of the Gizzards in the Spread.  Free lines, planers, and down lines are all working, be prepared to use all and assess each situation to choose which is most applicable. As a basic rule, if you are fishing water over 30 feet, use all three. Spilts on the free line/planers can be a big asset too. There are some surfacing fish showing up, that pattern is still sporadic, but frequent enough that I would be ready for it. A variety of baits will catch these fish, but a Mini Mack will be hard to beat. For the most part, if you get a Mini to schooling fish, Bass or Stripers, they will come and get it right now. Bucktails, Sebiles, Flukes, and top waters are also effective on the schoolers. 

Trolling is producing well and clipping points has been a strong pattern. Concentrate on pulling over a 20 to 25 foot bottom, rigs 15 to 18 deep. While fishing over points are generally the easiest way to make this pattern work, just start rolling down the bank crossing over each point or flat in the targeted depth, and you can really saturate an area quickly. If the fish are on one of these points or flats that have been quick to take the rig. They may be roaming over the point/flat or suspended over brush.

Bass fishing has been good, with most of the Spotted Bass being in some phase of the spawn and staying in less than 10 feet of water. What is the best technique? Bait? It is almost a pick your favorite and start fishing!  Of course on any given day that can be tweaked based on the weather, following are some methods that have been working well that will get you pointed in the right direction. A weightless, or lightly weighted Fluke has been a consistent producer, and whether you consider it a plus or not, will give you a good shot a bonus Striper bite. Cast the fluke around almost any type of structure and you should get the bite. It is hard to fish this bait wrong, you will probably find that you’ll need to slow it down on some days, maybe even use a dead stick retrieve if there is no wind or the fish are finicky. On a day to day basis  this bait has been very reliable, and may get the pick as number one. Spinnerbaits, the Mini Me and Primal Spins, among several others, are also producing well. Again, try to determine a best speed and depth, the two of which are directly connected, to really tweak the bite. If the fish are really on a good bite, it is a throw and reel bait. If  they seem a little reluctant, slow it down, let it follow the contour of the bottom as you retrieve. Often a fish holed up on a stump or other object that is 4 to 10 feet will be more willing to take the bait if it is closer to the structure, as opposed to on the surface or high in the water column. On the jerk baits, the Spro McStik or the Vision 110 regular, are both good choices, and will follow the same basic guide lines as the spinnerbait. A little wind will enhance the bite with both of these baits!

Soft plastics are very effective, Keitech baits on a lead head, the Yamamoto Senkos, and just a good ole finesse worm on a shakey head or a Texas Rig, if any of you still use the Texas rig. The Texas Rig still works, we just quit fishing them for some reason. Fish the Senko wacky rigged or on the 1/8 oz Weedless Wonder. Trick worms are also producing well, so keep one of those rigged and ready as well. Another bait that will catch plenty of fish, especially on those really slick days is a 3 or 4 inch grub on an 1/8 to 3/16 oz lead head. Just throw it to the bank, stump flats are prime for this technique, and reel it back to the boat very slowly. Light line is a huge plus here, 6 or even 4 lb test. Don’t over look this method, it can be very effective! 

Topwater fishing is ok, and should get better as the Bass complete the spawn. Chug Bugs, Spooks, small prop baits will get a few bites, and swim baits like the Sebile magic swimmers are starting to produce as well. If you can find spawning Shad or Herring these baits, especially the Magic Swimmers, should be very effective!

Good Fishing!!

Capt. Mack