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Lake Hartwell Fishing Report August 2, 2020

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He’s back!!  Rick is recovering well from his recent surgery and he will be resuming the weekly Lake Hartwell Fishing report! So thanks Rick, we are glad the surgery went well and are excited to have you back!! 

Our Lake Hartwell Fishing Report for August 01, 2020

So let’s do a little bit of catching up from these past three months when there was no Lake Hartwell Fishing Reports being posted which left some fisherman experiencing a little bit of anxiety before leaving the dock. For those who liked to read the Lake Hartwell Fishing Report maybe the night before their trip as a part of putting together a game plan before backing the boat off the trailer then today is a good day as we are now ready for our comeback. For those who have not guessed what’s up or why I have gone so long without some sort of a fishing report let me apologize before I go any farther because that surely was not my intentions. I’m still currently recovering from a major surgery on my right arm that paralyzed my right hand and has put me in a recovery time frame of about eight to twelve months. Now when I say I had a total arm rebuild I’m telling you that I now have a Femur leg bone screwed and plated to my humorous arm bone along with all the metal that is required to complete this rebuild. My surgeon’s favorite saying is, “all of this will begin to heal in time and everything that he has done will begin to graph together as he reminds me big surgeries rarely end in quick recoveries.” I’m so glad to know that I’ll fish again even though it may be awhile from now. Maybe not as soon as I was first told that I might would fish, but I’ll be back on the water very soon. In the near future if you miss a Lake Hartwell Fishing Report every now and then over the next couple of weeks or months just rack it up to a slow recovery for me or a break for the Stripers and Hybrids. Now is a good time to get out and try many of the things you learned in one of your Lake Hartwell Instructional Trips earlier in the year so that you will be able to load the fish fryer soon or start working toward your personal best again. I will begin sharing the information that you will need to get you through the next couple of months of HOT weather and you already know that you are free to call me at any time. The information that I will be providing will be first-hand information provided to me from several of the best fishermen on Lake Hartwell as well as my personal log book information. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon. So as I tell my best fishing buddies my advice is let’s let, Humminbird Finds Them, Minn Kota Sneaks up on Them, Stealth Rod Holders Holds Them, Captain Mack Products Fools Them and Okuma Rods and Reels Puts Them in the Boat! So let’s go Fishing!  


The Lake Hartwell bite has remained really good with the water conditions remaining favorable for fishing. The levels at the time of this report are 660.07 which are.07 feet above the 660 full pool levels. The current water temperature have dropped into the mid- eighties and have been holding at these temperatures during the over cast days. With hotter days still in the upcoming forecast I would expect that the water temperatures will once rise again quickly back into the low ninety degree levels. The Army Corp of Engineers will continue with their normal summertime generating schedules now that the summer demands are in full swing. The Striper and Hybrid bite continues to be the best through the week when the dam is generating power. 


Striper and Hybrid fishing on Lake Hartwell has been good and to catch a lot of fish on a down rod you must be on the water as early as possible. I would suggest that if you get in the water and in one of the many coves or pockets near the dam SC or GA side before sunup it won’t take you long to empty your bait tank as the sun begins to come up and the fish find the frisky bait you have suspended under the boat. Some light drumming will help get the bite started so don’t forget your drumming skills. Always keep in mind that it’s a really good idea to add a bag of ice to your tank to help keep bait as frisky as possible and if you are running a Keep Alive O2 pump to your bait you will be working at 100%. When the live bait bite slows down as the sun gets high in the sky and the fish move to deeper waters and in many cases the bigger fish you came out to catch head for the river channels then you’re in luck if you have your Umbrella Rigs in the boat. I personally have talked with several good Striper and Hybrid fishermen who are catching most of their fish before sunup and the rest are being found and caught suspending and trolling Umbrella rigs over these fish. While trolling if you mark a large school of fish in the river channel suspended be sure to Power Reel these fish, they will bite almost every time and the fish that bite will be first quality. The late afternoon is productive if you can get away from some of the big thunderstorms that we have experienced lately. Now is still a good time of the year to climb into a boat that teaches all the different method’s that you can use to locate fish and catch Stripers and Hybrids while learning all the seasonal patterns that Stripers and Hybrids follow as well as the best ways to catch these fish during these different seasons. Now there are only a couple of professional Striper fishermen that will share everything that you need to know to catch Stripers and Hybrids but if you get a chance to get into a teaching boat, book and take that trip. This could be the best trip that you will ever take and it will increase your odds of catching fish tremendously on any Striper or Hybrid lake. If you are interested in booking an Instructional Trip or guide trip give Captain Mack a call at 770-235-8135.

Go to baits for this week.

  • Live Blueback Herring fished on down rods and freelines. The bait shops are all suppling nice big quality bait. Be sure to add ice and O2 to your tank to keep this bait healthy during your trip.
  • This has been my first week to pair up the Okuma Live Bait Rods with the Okuma Cold Water CW203D reels. What a great match, this rod and reel combo is the perfect Striper and Hybrid combo and it is unmatched in its ability to handle a good fish while giving you all you need to enjoy the fight. This rod and reel combo is the perfect tool and I would give this rod and reel an A++ for Striper Live Bait Fishing.
  • Keep Alive Oxygen System. This system will make a huge difference in your bait during the summer months. I personally believe that it will help keep your bait in perfect condition during a hot day and increase your odds of catching fish.
  • SteelShad are still working great for schooling or breaking fish. This bait will catch all bass species when cast to points or fished in deep or shallow waters.
  • Captain Mack Umbrella Rigs. I will not go to the lake without them! 
  • Captain Mack Mini Mack’s – they will catch good fish if trolled or pulled behind your Perfect Planer Boards. 
  • Perfect Planer Boards. The early morning free line bite behind Planer Boards will return later in the fall so now is a good time to get your Planer Boards ready for the upcoming fall fishing patterns.
  • Chipmunk Jigs for Power Reeling or while pulling leadcore line. It’s time to stock up as Power Reeling and leadcore pulling has now taken off. I suggest the 2oz with or without stinger hooks rigged on a Captain Mack Mustard Stick Rod. You will not find another rod that will work better for Power Reeling, pulling Captain Mack Umbrella Rigs or while pulling leadcore line.
  • Parker Spoons also used to Power Reel. This bite will only get better as the bigger fish move into deeper water.


The Lake Hartwell Largemouth Bass as well as Spotted Bass bite continues to be good based on a few reports that I’m getting from those weekend Bass Club Teams. As soon as I’m released back to Lake Hartwell I will give you an accurate report. My Grandsons are still catching fish off the docks in our neighborhood so they fish it all and they are doing great. A Shakey head is still getting the job done.

Go to baits for this week.

  • SteelShad in all sizes and colors are working great. The mini SteelShad is working the best on points in the mornings when the bait is shallow. The Heavy Series is working over schools of bait in the main lake. Be prepared to throw this bait at schooling fish for a guaranteed hook up.
  • Captain Mack Mini Mack’s with or without blades, both work great. This bait is catching some hogs while being fished off of deeper points or around bridges and docks.
  • Ned Rigs and hard and soft Jerk Baits of your preference. We are catching some good fish on swimbaits as well.
  • Captain Mack Weedless Wonder Shakey Head in Green Pumpkin. Use the plastic of your choice. This is the BEST Bass bait that I know of for Lake Hartwell and I recommend that you not go to the lake without rods rigged with the Weedless Wonder Shakey Head!


  I will be back later in the year with an updated Lake Hartwell Crappie Report when it cools off and I start back Crappie fishing. 

Go to Baits.

  • Blue Ice Jigs seem to be the go to color on Lake Hartwell right now. You may want to move up to bigger jig heads as the fish move deeper. When every other color fails on Lake Hartwell we find that chartreuse still will catch fish. Bobby Garland is my choice but many other brands also work great.
  • Small Minnows under floats. This may not be your cup of tea but it still works and the bigger Crappie will take live bait when they won’t take anything else.
  • Chartreuse and white jigs are working well when blue ice or blue grass colors fail. 
  • Custom Jigs are working if you can find the right ones. It’s still a good idea to see what is selling the best at your local bait shops. If the bait shop is out of certain bait you may want to see when they are scheduled to get their next shipment so that you can give it a try.
  • Humminbird Solix or Helix graph. These graphs have superior side imaging and down imaging and are worth every cent if you are looking to locate Crappie.

Wishing you all tight lines and good fishing! Rick Owen – Lake Hartwell Professional Fishing Guide (Ret.) Certified SCDNR Fishing Instructor

To book your next Lake Hartwell fishing adventure please call Captain Mack Farr at – 770-235-8135