Fishing Lake Lanier Fall Turnover

Fishing Lake Lanier Fall Turnover

September 27, 2014 | Fishing Lake Lanier Fall Turnover

Fishing has been good, but we are continuing to see the changes in the patterns and techniques that typically accompany the early arrival of the dreaded fall turnover.

Striped Bass

For the most part, Lanier continues to fish well, particularly for this time of year. The Trolling bite has been good. Chipmunk Jigs on the lead core are still a big producer and the umbrella bite is on as well. With the lead core, fish 8 to 9 colors behind the boat, tip the Chipmunk Jig with a 4’ Shad body or live Herring.

The Umbrella Rigs are arguably the strongest technique right now, but you will have to fish the proper depth to maximize the bite. That means fishing the rig as far as 180 to 200 feet behind the boat. Depth control is crucial to fishing the rig, both to stay in the strike zone and to avoid the standing trees. If you need a depth chart, click here for my free chartsthat will help you maintain the proper depth.

Live Herring are also a good bet. Fish the herring from 40 to 100 feet on the down line. You may encounter fish that are very picky when it comes to taking the live Herring, so a little different look may tweak a bite. Try reeling the herring up through the fish, basically power reeling, or use the trolling motor to move or turn the boat quickly for a couple of seconds. This rapid boat movement lifts the baits away from the fish and with often convince a finicky fish to take the bait.

Power reeling will also get some results and I have had really good success with the Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoons. Power reel the spoon much like you would a jig and hang on, the bite is usually pretty stout when one decides to make lunch out of your spoon. The Parker Spoon has been particularly effective on the fish that are really deep, 50 to 100 feet down.

Spotted Bass

Bass fishing is good as well and with the cooling water there are several patterns that are producing well. The top water bite has been good and seems to be improving. Super Spooks have been a good choice, as have Sammies, and pencil poppers. On really calm days try something a little more subtle like the small chug bug, pop-R, or one of my all-time favorites, the devils horse. Don’t be hesitant to cast the top waters to shallow water; we are seeing some of the nice Spotted Bass pull up into 6 to 12 feet of water. Small rocky points, shallow humps and brush are all likely area to cast the top waters. There are still plenty of fish in the 18 to 25 foot range on the humps and in brush. Worms will get the bite here and a Spoon serves well as a change-up.


The Crappie bite has slowed, but you can still catch enough to make it worthwhile. Fishing is best up lake, in either the “hooch or the Chestatee. Search for the fish around brush in 15 to 25 feet with the tree topping out around 8 to 15. The night fishermen are still collecting decent numbers; live minnows on the down line are the ticket after sundown.

Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

Lanier Fishing Report | Fishing Lake Lanier Fall Turnover

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