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Lake Lanier Christmas Report - Captain Mack's Lake Lanier Christmas Report - Captain Mack's

Lake Lanier Christmas Report

Lake Lanier Christmas Report

December 19, 2014 | Lake Lanier Christmas Report

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope it is a blessed holiday and you enjoy the season with family and friends! I know you’ll probably have a couple of extra days away from work, so I think you should use a little of that time to go to the lake! Fishing has been very good for all species of fish!


The Stripers are still cooperating nicely and good catches are being made in all areas of the lake. The umbrella rig bite remains strong and the pattern of fishing submerged islands and points is still producing very well!

This pattern has been strong since late summer, and it is unusual for one technique to endure for this long. Pull the rig over points, submerged islands or down the bank over a 20 to 30 foot bottom, keeping the rig 15 to 20 feet deep. The Captain Mack’s 4 arm 9 bait Bucktail umbrella rig has been the most consistent producer in recent days.

Live bait fishing is also producing well and versatility is the key here. Stripers are being taken on down lines, flat lines, and planer boards so be prepared to use any of these techniques. If you want to target a big fish, Gizzard Shad on free lines and planers are producing some really nice fish. Concentrate on points and flats in 2 to 15 feet in the upper parts of either river. In the middle and lower parts of the lake, the shallow bite will also work but there is also a good bite fishing down lines over schools of deep bait fish. The depth of the fish may vary day to day or even hour to hour, watch the sonar and place the baits accordingly.


Maybe Santa is bringing you some new Bass tackle? Now is certainly a good time to break it in. Bass fishing is good and the deep bite is very strong. Deep structures such as ditches, drains, submerged islands, and timber edges are all good choices. I think the worms are the best overall choice for these deep structures, they will produce both quality and quantity, but if it’s a trophy you’re after, switching to a Jig or Crawfish type bait may up the ante for the really big ones! I can’t emphasize enough on how effective the bite has been while fishing with the Weedless Wonder Shakey Head!

Spoons are also producing well. Flex-it spoons are always a good choice, but switching to A different style of spoon may get a better response. The Capt. Mack’s Jig n Shads and the Buckshot Rattle Spoons are also good options. Drop them on the above mentioned structures, especially the timber edges for the best response.


The Crappie seem to be ushering the holidays with a good appetite and anglers are filling the live wells with nice strings of fish. Docks are the primary structure, but freestanding brush and bridge pilings are also likely structures to target. The upper reaches of either river will be your most productive areas.

Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

Lake Lanier Christmas Report

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