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Lake Lanier Fishing Report February 20 2015 - Captain Mack's Lake Lanier Fishing Report February 20 2015 - Captain Mack's

Lake Lanier Fishing Report February 20 2015

Lake Lanier Fishing Report February 20 2015

Weekly report from Captain Mack Farr | Lake Lanier Fishing Report February 20 2015

The Bassmaster Classic is in full swing on Lake Hartwell as record-breaking cold continues across the eastern U.S. Continuous storm systems are bringing a variety of weather hazards to our area. Rain and warmer temps are on the way for the weekend. Temperatures will (FINALLY) warm above freezing everywhere by Saturday afternoon! So – go fishing!

Water temps were cold as we entered into February; unfortunately they got colder as the month progressed. Fishing has cooled off as well and most anglers are working hard for their bites. There is good news however! History indicates that when water temps get really cold, the ensuing warm-up will put the fish into hyper drive so we may pay a price now, but when the water begins to warm into the low 50’s it should be game on! Until that occurs, here are the most current patterns and techniques.


Striper fishing is still decent, and the hardy few braving the weather have reported some big stripers being taken. Live baits, Herring, Threadfin Shad, and Gizzard Shad have been the baits of choice, pulled on the planers and free lines are accounting for some big fish, but the numbers are low.
The backs of the creeks have been the strongest areas for the bait bite. Early morning or late afternoon, has seen the greatest activity. If it is more numbers you are after, the umbrella rigs are still catching good numbers. Pull the rigs on points, humps, or down the banks in 25 to 40 feet. I have not been out night fishing in a few days, but before the arctic air took up residence in North Georgia the afterhours Bomber bite was pretty good. I imagine that has slowed too, but look for activity to spike up for this pattern as soon as we get some warm, stable weather.


Bass fishing has been pretty tough. The fish that are caught are impressive in size but low in numbers. This has become a perseverance game. Fish hard, pay attention for light strikes and make it count when you get a bite! I still favor the deep structures such as: timber edges, deep submerged islands, and rock bluffs. Almost any good structure in 30 to 45 feet may hold fish. The Roboworm on the dropshot will be hard to beat, but jigs are also a good choice right now.


Crappie fishing is also fair, but if you are willing to work at it you can catch some nice strings of these tasty pan fish. Docks are producing, as are brush piles. The Bobby Garland baits are probably the best producers for dock shooting, Popeye jigs are also a good choice. On the brush, casting your favorite jigs or fishing a live minnow should produce the desired result. Trolling is a good option for the Crappie right now and anglers are recording some nice catches pulling jigs over the creek channels. Long line trolling, especially on the lower end is very productive right now and we are also getting some good reports from anglers using the spider rigging technique in the middle and upper parts of the lake. Look for Crappie fishing to bust loose with a nice warming trend!


Now for the Walleye report – Yes, I said Walleye! We have quite a few in the lake and big ones at that! However, most of us are clueless, included yours truly, on how to catch them consistently. Those that do must be remaining silent. With that being said, as the water starts to warm, the walleye will run up into the rivers to spawn offering anglers a good shot at catching a string of these outstanding table fish. Crank baits and Jerk baits are always a good bet and a live night crawler is generally a good choice for ‘ole big eye. Send us your pictures when you catch one!

Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

Lake Lanier Fishing Report February 20 2015

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