Lake Lanier Fishing Report January 17 2020

Lake Lanier Fishing Report January 17 2020

Lake Lanier Fishing Report January 17 2020

I am on the road this week crew, so we’ll have an abbreviated report. It’s a good news bad news report, which one would you like first? The good?Ok, here is the good part, fishing has stayed pretty strong, and the patterns of recent weeks are holding up well.

The bad part, all of the nice warm weather we experienced, well, we may have a little payback coming. It looks like we go through a period of cooler than normal weather beginning early next week, then moderating to seasonally normal going into the end of January. The big variable going forward is a two fold result of our recent rain dumps, a rapidly rising lake level, 1070.99 as of this writing Thursday afternoon.

That is only .001 below full pool. I am sure that we’ll get that extra .001 by the time I make this post. The second component of is an influx of muddy water. This may relocate some fish and bait, so factor that in as you look for fish, both Bass and Stripers. Remember, after that water moderates it can be an asset! I think that having the slightly stained water can be a plus, particularly for Bass Fishing.

You may also be able to use mud lines to your advantage as the Fish and bait may concentrate where the new dirty water meets the older moderate water.

So, in summary, keep doing what we have been doing, just factor in that new water, and try and make it work to your advantage. I’ll be back just in time for the cold weather to get back in the water and bring you a full report!!
Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

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