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Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 7 2019 - Captain Mack's Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 7 2019 - Captain Mack's

Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 7 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 7 2019

After a long stretch of dry weather, the weather scenario has changed and we have lots of rain just in time for this weekend. Of course, that will probably not hurt the bite, and it is warm, so go fishing anyway! This rain will probably keep the lake full, and the level has remained steady during the past week and was 1070.91 Friday mid day .09 below full pool. 

The surface temps actually decreased a little last week, and are currently around 80 degrees.

The Striper bite has been very good! The patterns are shifting slowly as we move into mid June, but the transition has been typical of what is expected at this time of year. We have several patterns that will be productive, so here are some methods to try in the next few days. 

The down line bite is excellent, with a couple of patterns that are producing well. Try searching the pockets, coves and the creek channels going back to a 30 foot bottom. Once you see fish, deploy the down lines and the bite will be pretty quick. I have seen fish on this pattern anywhere from 70 to 30 feet, and they are trending a little deeper each week. 

Herring have been the bait of choice, and I would recommend keeping at least one pitch bait in the spread. Having something tied on your power reeling rod would also be a good idea, that pattern is also starting to produce! 

At this point in the summer Power Reeling is a secondary pattern, but expect it to become stronger each week. The reason being power reeling works best with suspended fish that allow you to drop the bait underneath the fish and reel it up through and past them, and the fish are just now getting deep enough for that situation to develop.

If you are out early or late, there are some good groups of fish hanging around under the green lights. At this point in the year you will need to concentrate on the lights over deeper water, 25 plus, and don’t worry about seeing the fish with your eyes, you may see a few, but they will probably be deep so watch the sonar and then drop the baits to the appropriate depth. Herring will also be the bait of choice for this method, with downlines and pitch baits being effective.

Points and humps over a 30 to 40 foot bottom are also holding good numbers of fish that have been quick to take a Herring on the down line or an umbrella rig. If you are pulling the rigs, the Capt. Mack’s 4 arm buck tail rigs 100 feet behind the boat has been a constant producer. 

If you are fished these areas with the down lines, start on the top of the point or hump, and then move around on the trolling motor to find fish that may be suspended around the edges.

Bass fishing is good and while there are some shallow fish left, especially with cloudy or windy conditions, there are also plenty of fish gravitating to open water brush. Fishing the topwater baits over the brush has been slow to develop, at least compared to past years, but there are a few fish will to come up and take a surface bait. Try the small Chug Bug, Zara Spooks or Sammies. 

I think you are more likely to get the fish to respond to something that fishes just under the surface, like a fluke, or a Steelshad. The Steelshad is excellent for pulling fish up and out of brush, it casts well if you need to back the boat way off the brush, and it will hold its depth well even when fished with a quick retrieve. If the moving baits will not produce, worms on a shaky, a ned rig, or drop shot have been racking up some good numbers.

Evening and after hours fishing is also still producing some nice catches, worms on the Texas or Carolina rigs, Crank baits, and of course the Night blade spinner baits. Humps and points are still the target structures, you may just have to fish a little deeper than you have in past weeks.

I have had numerous questions about spot tails, how to catch ‘em and if that bite is on? That bite is very good, and the Spot tails are high and happy, easy to catch. Catching them is generally pretty simple, look for them on sandy beaches or around boat ramps. 

Throw some chum in the water(chum for Spot Tails is almost anything edible) and when they get ganged up toss the net and you should have plenty. A 3/16 mesh net, Fitec makes an excellent 3/16 net, ask your local dealer for them) is no doubt the best size, and it is legal to net them if you have a fishing license. Of course any game fish caught in the net must be released.

Crappie fishing very good, deeper channel docks, brush, and bridge pilings, and free standing brush are the preferred targets, with the docks probably being the most prolific of the three. The Crappie Country Chenille jigs (# 2,10,and 14 patterns)Bobby Garland baits ( Pearl, Key Lime),and your favorite color Jiffy Jig have been getting good response in the last few days. 

If you want tot try the night fishing, tying up to a bridge, setting out the lights and hanging some live baits over should result in a cooler full of fish. Often the bite is best in the last row hours before sun up so wait ‘em out to get the best bite!

Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

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