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Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 21 2019 - Captain Mack's Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 21 2019 - Captain Mack's

Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 21 2019


Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 21 2019 | Sponsored by Hayes Automotive

Happy Spring! It looks like the beginning of Spring will open with a stretch of fairly nice weather, beginning this weekend! After that, some rain in the forecast, but hey, it is March so that is to be expected. The fish responded well to Spring’s opening day and with the exception of the fish being really scattered, the lake continues to fish well! The lake level continues to drop rapidly, and the lake as of Thursday morning was 1073.22, 2.22 feet above full pool, dropping 1.10 feet from this time last week.


The Striper bite is good and the patterns have remained stable. Pulling live baits on free lines, and behind planers has been solid, but the down line bite is in play as well. We have two basic patterns on the live bait bite: Fishing open water areas with a bait spread, or pulling the baits in the creek backs. Which one is best? I am not sure, both methods are effective. Maybe starting in the creek backs in the am and migrating to the open water later in the day is a good approach. One footnote: if you are in the creek backs and pockets and pulling baits anywhere near the banks, cast something while you are waiting for a live bait bite? A small buck tail is always a good choice , 1/4 or 3/8, as are jerk baits and flukes.

Herring, Shiners, and small Gizzards are all good bait choices, keep a little of everything in the spread to maximize your opportunities. I have had several inquiries about the Mini Mack’s, and they are still viable as a trolling and a casting option. As far as casting the Mini, that will become more of a factor as the water warms and we see some surfacing fish. Until then, it will not be a bad idea to keep one in the spread. If you are fishing deeper than 20, you can use it as a downline or behind the planer board. If you are fishing less than 20 feet deep, pull it behind the planers and the Mini will get you some bonus bites.

Night fishing has been good and I will speculate that it will get better as the water warms. We have fish on the lights or fish roaming the backs of the creeks so pick your favorite technique. Baits like Bombers and Spro McStiks are great for casting to the banks and secondary points in the creek backs, try small buck tails and jerk baits to the green lights and dock lights.


Bass fishing is also good, but the fish are scattered out. The water is plenty warm enough to have fish in the coves and creek backs, but we also have fish still on deeper main lake structures. With the lake falling rapidly, it looks like that some of the bait may be pulling out of the creek backs, so try structures that are off the in or near the backs of the creek. Points that taper out to the channel, in 3 to 15 feet are holding fish, and they will respond to a variety of baits depending on the day and the weather.

A jerk bait is always a good choice, especially with a little wind, crank baits remain effective, and if all else fails a worm on a Weedless Wonder will get the bite.

At the risk of being redundant, I have to mention the dock bite, In terms of numbers and consistency it is probably the best overall pattern. Nothing has really changed on this pattern since last week’s report, other than the dock pattern may be a little stronger. Worms and jigs are the favorites, but on the shallow docks a jerk bait can be very strong. This bite is effective all over the lake, but lower and mid lake is probably best and may offer the best chance for the bigger Spots. Roboworms are a staple for casting to the docks, and some patterns that have been effective are Prizm Kraw, Watermelon Magic, and Witches T. A lighter color pattern may be effective in bright sunlight.



Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

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  • Chad Murphy says:

    Hope fishing is good my name is Chad Murphy me my brother and our dad and cousin fished with u in March just wanted to say what a great time I had smashing em on that jerkbait if u have any picks I would love to see them thanks

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