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Lake Lanier Fishing Report November 23 2018 - Captain Mack's Lake Lanier Fishing Report November 23 2018 - Captain Mack's

Lake Lanier Fishing Report November 23 2018

Lake Lanier Fishing Report November 16 2018

Lake Lanier Fishing Report November 23 2018 | Sponsored by Hayes Automotive

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! I also hope you have a couple days off to head to the lake! Fishing has been good so get out the hand warmers, pack a turkey sandwich and head to the lake! The lake level is 1070.49, .51 feet above full pool, surface temperatures are 59 to 60 on the lower and middle parts of the lake, dropping to 56 when you near the upper parts of both rivers.

The Striper bite has been good! We have fish taking Shad, Trout , and Herring on the free lines and planers, we still have a good downline bite, as deep as 75 80 feet, and umbrellas are taking plenty of fish in the depths in between.

If there is a problem with December fishing this is it, the fish can and often will use a variety of depths so be prepared to fish multiple techniques and depths. The deep bite revolves around bait, find the big concentrations of bait and if you see any fish around drop the down lines. You may find the bait anywhere, but there are some really big concentrations of bait schools in the backs of the creeks, and the fish are with them.

Go back into the creeks to at least a 30 to 40 foot bottom, look around the channels or big flats along the sides of the old creek channels to locate fish and/or bait.

There have also been some very good catches made with free lines and planers, this bite is occurring over open water areas( I think still primarily up into the creeks, over channels and drains) all over the lake. Watch for the birds to help find these fish, the Loons are here in good numbers, the Gulls are coming in on each front so they will become more of an asset. The fish may also show themselves by schooling, that can occur at anytime, but the schooling activity is best with the prefrontal conditions.

The umbrella bite has been strong and is a very effective way to locate fish. Pulling the rigs into the backs of the creeks is a really good way to find the fish and bait. If the fish are less than 35 feet, they have been pretty quick to take the rig, if they are deeper than 40, clear the rigs and drop the downlines! While the down lines are soaking, drop a jigging Spoon! Spoons, the Berrys .60 size, or the Capt. Mack’s Super spoon in the 1/2 oz size match up well with the Threadfins and should get a quick response.

Bass Fishing? That’s been very good too! Several patterns are on! There is a very good spoon bite, which is typical as the water drops into the low 60’s. Ditches and creek channels are holding some really nice groups of fish that are pretty quick to eat spoons! 35 to 40 feet has been a very good depth, but the don’t be hesitant to search into deeper water, as deep as 50 feet.

As is the case with the Stripers, The Berry’s .60 Flex-It, and the Capt. Mack’s 1/2 Super Spoons have been very effective on these deep fish. as a change up, almost any of your favorite jigs, or a Roboworm (try the Prizm Perch Pattern) on a Weedless Wonder are also great choices.

We also have a good shallow bite going on, spinnerbaits and crank baits are both producing well. The Spro Little John DD and the Mini Me Spinnerbaits have been solid producers, especially if you have a little wind or low light conditions.

Concentrate on points, 10 to 25 feet, mid lake or on the lower end, any point may produce but I think rock is an asset. If the fish seem reluctant to chase the moving baits, the worm on the lead head, or a jig will be the back up.

The Crappie bite has been pretty good, for the few anglers that have been looking for them.

The fish are mostly on brush, look for them on the flats adjacent to mid and up lake creek channels. Jigs will get the bite, 1/16 oz Lead heads wit the Bobby Garland baits, and the 1/16 oz Crappie Country Slab Treats in the #5,9, and 10 color patterns have been excellent colors.

On the deeper fish, 15 feet +, you may want to try a spoon. The .25 oz Berry’s Flex-It, and the 3/8 oz Capt. Mack’s Super Spoon have been accounting for some really good catches. I know that is not a bait/technique that the Crappie fishermen use, but as of late it has been strong so give that a try!

Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

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