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Lake Lanier Fishing Report October 26 2018 - Captain Mack's Lake Lanier Fishing Report October 26 2018 - Captain Mack's

Lake Lanier Fishing Report October 26 2018


Lake Lanier Fishing Report October 26 2018 | Sponsored by Hayes Automotive

The surface temps continue to slowly fall, as does the lake level. As of Thursday AM the lake level was 1069.38, 1.62 feet below fun pool, which was about .30 lower than a week ago. As a comparison, the lake level was 5.58 feet down on Oct 25 of last year. The surface temp was 72 degrees.



The Striper bite has been pretty good, with Herring on the downlines probably the best pattern. We are seeing some big schools of fish in open water, mostly over a 50 to 90 foot bottom. You may need to think summer here, search over the ditches and drains adjacent to the creek channels and the river channel. It is also worth looking around points where the taper leads to the river or a creek channel, search over the same depth mentioned above. If you see just a few fish, drop the down lines and you can pull other fish in the area up under the boat. Drumming or tapping on the bottom will be a plus as well. Once you find fish and get them bunched up a little, power reeling is also a good technique. Spoons and jigs are both effective for the power reeling. This pattern has been strong on the lower and middle parts of the lake.

The trolling bite, while it is a secondary pattern, is still producing a few fish. This remains a good way to look for fish if you are searching the above mentioned areas. Umbrella rigs or lead core will both work. You’ll need to pull ‘em deep, most of the activity has been around 30 feet or greater. You can also catch a few pulling the rigs over the humps, this pattern is a numbers game, pull over enough 25 to 40 foot humps and you’ll bang out a few bites. As you pull over the high spots, look for single and small groups of fish roaming around. These are the fish that will often respond to the live baits, so if they will not take the rig, send a Herring down and see if that will wake ‘em up.

Night fishing with the Bombers is also a good pattern, really two patterns. The first technique consist of casting the plugs to shallow structures, primarily slow tapering points, flats and saddles, as soon as the Sun sinks below the tree line. Look for these types of structure on the main lake or near the creek mouths, and you can expect many of the fish to be very shallow, usually less than 10 feet. This pattern will also work over most parts of the lake, however, I think it is best on the lower end. The second pattern is fishing the dock lights, any submerged light or above water dock light may hold fish. Normally you will see them if they are present, but even if you do not see the fish circling the light, give a quick cast or two in case there are some fish hanging outside the edges of the periphery. Expect the dock light pattern to improve as the water cools.


Bass Fishing is pretty good, but you will notice a lot of movement and change as is usually the case in October. We have several patterns that have been producing, and with water temps around 72 there are plenty of fish roaming relatively shallow water. Visible structures in the creeks, blow downs, secondary points, and docks are all holding fish. They may be scattered, lots of singles, so saturation is the key here. Spinnerbaits and jerk baits have been effective, and don’t rule out a buzz bait or top water as well.

There is also a pretty good shallow bite on the main lake, less than 12 feet, especially in the am hours. This bite revolves around cover, and bait. If you can find some concentrations of Threadfins, the bass will probably be nearby. Spinnerbaits and Jerk baits will also be effective in this scenario. Casting the same baits around flats and points with a slow taper will be a good option. We still have fish in the brush, especially in the mid day hours, that will respond to worms on the drop shot, shakey heads, or the Texas rig.

Because the Spots are so locked in on the little Threadfins, downsizing the worm, or using a small bait like the Roboworm Alive Shad may get some extra bites. Pulling the fish out of the brush with the top waters has been a little slow, and for some reason they seem a little reluctant to take the usual favorites. Perhaps that comes back to the Bass being partial to the Threadfins right now. Think more in terms of subsurface baits such as a spy bait, fish head, or the 3/8 Steelshad. Count ‘em down and reel slow, then maybe slow down a little more and you should get the bite!


I am going to suspend the Crappie portion of the report until later this fall.

Good Fishing!
Capt. Mack

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