Lake Lanier Fishing Report October 5 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report October 5 2019

Lake Lanier Fishing Report October 5 2019

Are you having heat fatigue, here is a fact that will validate that. As of Thursday, we have had 90 days with temperatures over 90 degrees, the average is 37 days a year over 90! A check with the long term forecast indicates much more October like temperatures! The fish are acting like they are ready for fall, and
it will be interesting to see if the next cool down will energize those patterns, especially the top-water activity. The lake level is falling, and as of Thursday afternoon we were at 1067.61, down .39 from last week. The surface temp is a warmer than average 85 degrees!


The Stripers are biting well. I’ll say the summer patterns are still effective with a fair number of schooling fish thrown in to keep you on your toes. The schoolers are sporadic and may show up anywhere, but typically early or late is best. They are typically up and down quickly, so you’ll need to be pretty aggressive to get to them. Run the boat up on them almost to casting distance, turn the wheel to position the boat broadside to them so everyone gets a good cast and often everyone will hook up. What is the best bait to cast at ‘em? Topwaters(Chug Bugs, Whopper Ploppers)Swim baits, Fluke on a Lead head, or a buck tail tipped with a fluke are a few baits that should get you hooked up.

The live bait bite is still producing well, Herring are the baits of choice. Down lines and pitch baits are accounting for some good catches, and that bite can be very strong in the early am. Look for the fish around drains coming into creek channels or over the creek channel. You do not necessarily need to see bunches of fish, often a couple of fish can turn into a bunch once you see the baits down.

Trolling is also still very good, although not as consistent as it was in September. There are a couple of techniques that will be effective for trolling: We still have quite a few fish over the creek channels , over the River channel, and adjoining drains. Lead core and down rigger trolling are both effective, jigs and Mini Mack’s are the go to baits. The other trolling bite that has been producing well is pulling the rigs over points and humps. Humps that top out from 20 to 35 feet are holding fish, adjust the depth/size of the rig to match the depth, and this pattern can be very good! Typically, this technique is best in the afternoon and evenings.


Bass fishing is good, although there are some inconsistencies in the patterns.  Many of our patterns still revolve around the main lake humps, 20 to 35 feet. Top waters can be effective, especially in the am or late afternoon, or anytime you get a little help from the wind. There are many baits that will work, but the Whopper Ploppers and Chug Bugs have been effective choices. Of course the worms in the brush are also a good choice, smaller baits may be an asset. You can rig the worm on the drop shot, Texas rig, or Shakey head, so pick your favorite.

The surface activity has been good in the early am, but that does not mean it is an easy bite. Often the schoolers are scattered, up and down quickly, and hard to get to. If you can get them a bait, they will usually bite, so an accurate cast is important. Light line will also enable longer cast which may give a few more opportunities. If the fish are scattered and will not surface frequently enough to target individuals, start fan casting the area and you should pull a couple up to you plug.

If you are out past sundown, check out some of your dock lights. The bass are stating to show up in the lights and that should improve as the water cools. This is assuming that fall is actually going to arrive in the next couple days. Jerk baits have been strong on the lights, as have flukes and Keitechs on lead heads!

Good Fishing! Capt. Mack

Lake Lanier Fishing Report October 5 2019

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