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Lanier Fishing Report | Power Reeling Stripers - Captain Mack's Lanier Fishing Report | Power Reeling Stripers - Captain Mack's

Lanier Fishing Report | Power Reeling Stripers

Lanier Fishing Report | Power Reeling Stripers

Lake Lanier Fishing Report | August 9, 2014

Striper fishing is in high gear so take advantage of the good fishing and make time to go to the lake! Lanier Anglers are catching nice numbers and some big fish as well. As is always the case in late summer, finding fish is the key and you may have to do some searching, but once you locate fish they are bunched up nicely and you can run up some numbers quickly. Concentrate your search on the major creek channels or on the main river channel on the lower end of the lake. The techniques are the same as in recent weeks, Trolling Chipmunk Jigs on lead core line or trolling umbrellas are still very productive. Down lining line herring and power reeling spoons and jigs are also working well.

I have received several inquiries concerning the “Power Reeling” method. If you would like a quick tutorial on this technique you can view a show I shot with Cefus McRae here on Lanier a couple of summers ago. Go to Cefus’ Website, Nuts And Bolts of Fishing, and click on “Nuts and Bolts TV”. Scroll through the menu until you will see an episode titled, appropriately enough, “Power Reeling for Stripers”. This will give you a quick idea of how to make this technique work for you.

You may catch the Stripers at any time during the day, but the bite has been strong in the midday hours. One footnote on the live bait, remember that the lake is stratifying and you may run into places where your bait will not do well on the hook. Check them frequently and keep good, lively bait down there, especially when you have fish gathered under the boat. Keeping the water in your bait tank around 70 degrees is a good practice and may require adding a little ice on these really warm afternoons.

Bass fishing is still good, with the drop shot rig being the big producer. Roboworms are good choices for the drop shot; choose the color based on the amount of sunlight: darker colors for low light conditions, lighter colors on bright days. There are also some schooling fish showing up, keep something tied on and ready to cast. Small spoons fit the bill nicely for this, they match up size wise very nicely with the bait and they cast well into the wind. Main lake points and humps are still the best areas to target the spotted bass.

Crappie fishing is pretty good and fishermen are reported some good catches. Brush piles topping out in 12 to 20 foot are the best structures, and the upper parts of the lake are the most productive. The bite seems to be best in the early morning. Not an early riser? Fishing rafter sunset under one of the bridges in the upper part of the lake is also productive. Hang some lights and drop some minnows over the side and you should be pretty busy reeling in the Crappie

Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

Lanier Fishing Report | Power Reeling Stripers

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