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Lanier Power Generation Enhances Fishing - Captain Mack's Lanier Power Generation Enhances Fishing - Captain Mack's

Lanier Power Generation Enhances Fishing

Lanier Power Generation Enhances Fishing

Lake Lanier Fishing Report | September 5, 2014

Summer fishing remains in full swing with little or no changes in the techniques and patterns. Fishing is good all day, but I think the best opportunities are from mid-morning thru early afternoon. It may be beneficial to check with the corps of engineers on the scheduled water generation times. Lanier Power generation enhances fishing when the Buford Dam is releasing water. This creates a current that is very noticeable to fish and more importantly – baitfish. This current, even though it is slight, can often trigger activity. Typically, the corps generates in the afternoon and that is why fishing is often good late in the day. It is not foolproof, but if you’ll make a note in your log book you will probably see a correlation.

Concentrate your search for the Stripers along the river channel from Browns Bridge south. Key on areas where the river makes a bend or where one of the major creeks adjoins the old river channel. Trolling remains a good way to search these areas and once you locate any decent group of fish, drop the down lines. While you are waiting on the down line bite, you need to be power reeling a large jig as well. A 2 oz. Chipmunk Jig or the 2 oz. Whoop Ass Jig are both very productive right now. Big Spoons are also producing well for power reeling. Often power reeling can really enhance the down line bite, or vice versa. The more activity you create under the boat helps draw a crowd, and more importantly, keep the crowd under the boat so you can maximize the bite.

Bass fishing has also been good and in addition to the Drop Shots/Shaky head bite, we have a pretty nice top water bite to compliment the deep bite. Zara Spooks, Sammies, and Pencil Poppers cast over the brush are producing some nice fish, especially in the early am hours. Watch for surfacing fish, they may appear anywhere, but they are very catchable if you can get bait to them quickly. Spoons, Game Changers, and, buck tails are all good choices for these schoolers.

Crappie fishing is also good, at least for numbers. Popeye jigs around brush piles in the 18 to 25 foot range are producing well, as are live minnows. Much like is the case with stripers; the Crappie will be bunched up nicely and readily seen on the sonar, so just keep scanning the brush until you locate a big bunch of fish. This pattern is definitely strongest up into either river. The after-hours bite is also producing good numbers. Set up with lights under the bridges or around brush and drop the live minnows down.

Good fishing!!!
Capt. Mack

Lanier Fishing Report | Lanier Power Generation Enhances Fishing

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