Summertime Lake Lanier Stripers


Lake Lanier Fishing Report | July 19 2013

Striper Fishing has been a little inconsistent, but overall I will give it a rating of good. Typical of Summertime Lake Lanier Stripers, you may have to spend some time searching for fish, but often when you find them they may be really bunched up. Trolling leadcore is a good search technique, 8 colors out with a 1oz or 1.5 oz jig and chartreuse trailer has been producing well. The leadcore is working over the river channel and creek channels, but don’t limit your search to just the channels. Look around submerged islands and flats off of the channels as well. There are still good numbers of fish over a 35 to 50 foot bottom on this type of structure. If you see one or two fish really tight to the bottom, try dropping a bait.

When you find them bunched up switch over to the downlines and power reeling rods to maximize the bite. 35 feet seems to be a really good number for the downlines, but as always, let the activity on the graph dictate how deep to fish. If you see one or two fish really tight to the bottom, try dropping them a bait. What looks like a fish or two will sometimes turn into a whole school once you show them a bait and congregate all of their buddies up under the boat.

Bass Fishing is good as well, big swimbaits/topwaters over the brush will produce well, especially in the early am. If that bite slows down, Texas rigs or drop shot rigs in the brush should work. Target the Bass in 18 to 25 on the humps, brush is a plus, but there are still good numbers of fish just cruising the tops of the submerged islands.

All and all pretty good fishing, so get out there and get after ’em!

Here is Aaron Gerlach with his first Striper! Aaron got this one on a 1.5oz Chipmunk w/chartreuse trailer.

Good Fishing!
Capt Mack

Summertime Lake Lanier Stripers

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