Cuda Titanium Bonded Needle Nose Pliers


These Cuda Titanium Bonded Needle Nose Pliers are 8.75″ in length and feature Tungsten Carbide Mono and Braid cutting blades and Titanium Bonded jaws. The durable full tang construction is visible through the handle design. The high-leverage compound action is combined with an integrated wire and mono cutter.

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Cuda Titanium Bonded Needle Nose Pliers


  • Titanium Bonded & Lifetime Warranty.
  • High-leverage compound action
  • Tungsten Carbide integrated wire and mono cutters.
  • Aluminum Alloy construction.
  • Visible full-tang construction with non-slip Cuda scale pattern grips.
  • Capable of cutting braid, mono, and fluorocarbon.

These Cuda Titanium Bonded Needle Nose Pliers feature the “Cuda Scale Pattern”. This pattern is important as it connects the tools to the fast and fierce ways of the barracuda and also provides and incredibly secure and comfortable grip in all environments and conditions.

Titanium alloy is a lightweight alloy, corrosion resistant and is incredibly strong. Titanium alloy also has a very high tensile strength, toughness and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Cuda uses Titanium alloy on select tools for added strength, without increasing the weight of the product.

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