Fins Original PRT Braided Fishing Line

Fins Original PRT Braided Fishing Line is a soft, flexible braid with a very durable urethane coating. Flipping and pitching into heavy structure where durability and strength are paramount makes this line a great choice.

All Lb. Test Line Include:

  • Color – Slate Green
  • Spool Size – 300 Yards

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Fins Original PRT Braided Fishing Line

Fins Original PRT is the current state of the art braid produced using traditional braid architecture: 30 pound PRT is the diameter of 8 pound monofilament, 20 pound like 6 pound mono, etc. Many experienced braid users find PRT to their liking as it has a familiar feel but with a durability that exceeds their expectations regarding color retention and fray resistance.

Most superlines surface coat their lines, leaving it susceptible to peeling. PRT Braid is impregnated with resin, forming an incredibly strong combination of resin and fibre. FINS PRT Braid outperforms other superlines in the following key areas:

– Is one of the worlds strongest fishing lines.

– Provides superior line grip which allows anglers to use a broader range of knots.

– Offers excellent cast ability.

– Eliminates “air knotting” and “rod-tip wrapping”.

– Appropriate for all types of reels.

– You don’t have to be an expert angler to fish with it.

We developed expert coloring, coating, and other post-processing techniques needed to make Spectra fiber lines user friendly. We have worked closely with many brand managers for numerous corporations and small companies and dozens of fishing guides and pro staff anglers. Our product line of FINS braids is a natural evolution to our experiences and capabilities.

Our experience has shown that no single style of superline will be universally liked. That’s why we developed our line-up of situational braids. This offers anglers a choice depending on their situation and personal preferences. FINS offers five styles of fishing superlines, each one produced with genuine spectra fibers and manufactured in our plant located in Kentucky.

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