Fishin Clips


We’re excited to introduce yet another innovative product to our customers, the Fishin Clips!

Designed specifically to eliminate line tangles and damage to rods and tackle during portage. These clips are a must have for every angle on the go!

(2) Clips per pack.

Available in (3) colors.

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Fishin Clips

Innovative fishign clips from Grasshopper Outdoors provides critical portage for your rods and other gear.

The clips are constructed out of the same durable material as the monomaster. They have an innovative foam/rubber cushion that gently, but securely grips onto your rod.

The clips are designed to be used with any type of fishing rod and tackle, from large-open ocean rigs to delicate zero weight fly fishing poles.

When in a charter boat, anglers can prevent their line from swinging around. These clips can also prevent against tackle banging against their rod or the side of the boat.


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Red, Mushroom, Blue


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