KeepAlive 14 Gallon Bait Tank


Keep large live baits healthy for extended periods of time with a KeepAlive 14 Gallon Bait Tank. The tanks are designed specifically to hold bigger baits, and more of them, to help you consistently catch more trophy fish. Blue interior reduces shadows to keep bait calm and less stressed. Tanks have a recessed drain and handles. Hold down plate for KeepAlive hinged lid with twist lock. Built-in air control center regulates oxygen. Includes KA500 oxygen infusor.



KeepAlive 14 Gallon Bait Tank

All (4) 14 Gallon Models Include:

15.5″W x 15.5″H x 20″L Tank
KA500 Oxygen Infusor®
3 Tray Inserts On Top
Black Handles
Air Control Center
Hold-Down Plate For KeepAlive
13″ Hinged Lid with Twist Lock
Molded In Graphics.

KA14460 White w/ KA500 KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusor ® (Standard)

KA14461WB White With w/ White-Blue Interior w/ KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusor ®
This Day Fishing Bait Tank will keep bait calmer and healthier.
Dark blue interior reduces shadows on the tank wall, to reduce stress.

KA14462 White Insulated w/ KA500 KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusor ®
Granite color exterior. Blue insulated interior to keep bait cool and calm.

KA14463 White With w/ Nite-Glo® w/ KA500 KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusor ®
This Patented Night Fishing Bait Tank will keep a dull glow all night. Bait can be retrieved without the bright lights that spook bait. To charge, leave in sunlight during the day, or charge with spotlight.

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KeepAlive 14gal Bait Tank

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