KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor



KeepAlive gives you the ability to convert your system into a KeepAlive Pure Oxygen System to maximize the amount of fish that can be transported safely in a minimum amount of water.

Available with Rule® 500, 700, and 1100 pumps.


KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor

The KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor allows for a full range of adjustable air to oxygen mixtures to provide safety, and a longer lasting oxygen supply. Pure oxygen is used to enrich the air when keeping large amounts of fish in hot weather and in warm water. Adjusting the air to oxygen ratio will keep your tournament fish and bait healthy and lively, while keeping unwanted high oxygen levels to a minimun at the top of any enclosed container or bait tank. When pure oxygen is not required or your oxygen cylinder becomes low, your KeepAlive system will continue to operate. Ensuring your fish and bait stay aerated and healthy during tournaments and fishing trips.

KeepAlive oxygen systems disperse smaller micro bubbles more rapidly than any other method on the market. It also provides an effective water current for your schooling bait fish. Water speed is adjustable for each species you are holing in your tank(s).

Each unit operates on 12 Volts DC and draw less than 1 amp!

The KA500 will maintain 10 pounds of bait, while the KA1100 will maintain 40-50 pounds. The 1 1/8″ nozzle of the KA1100 provides extremely gentle aeration.

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KeepAlive Oxygen Infusor

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Keep Alive


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