Lake Fork Flutter Spoon


The secret has been out for a while now, but apparently the bass don’t know yet. Now is your chance to catch some bass on Lake Fork Flutter Spoons before some else educates them!

The Flutter Spoon exhibits an action that mimics a dying shad – a meal bass rarely ignore!

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Nichols Lake Fork Flutter Spoon

For deep water bass on offshore structure, no bait has been more productive for the past few years than big spoons like the Lake Fork Flutter Spoon! When all species of bass key in on shad, these lures look like an easy to eat baitfish. The quick ripping action of this flashy spoon, followed by its slow dying flutter, tempts bass that are active or dormant, suspended or on bottom. Spoons have become another key tool in the offshore arsenal just like the Carolina rig did a generation ago. Joined more recently by the drop shot.

An ultra sharp Gamakatsu hook makes sure that fish get stuck when they hit it. These big heavy spoons will cast a mile, but the big cup in their sides make them fall wildly like a light feather in a swirling wind.

An important factor to fishing the Nichols Flutter Spoon is to fish it on slack line. Limp or slack line gives the Flutter Spoon its natural fluttering action. It is imperative to imitate a dying shad that provokes the bass into their instinctual feeding mechanisms.

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