Roboworm Straight Tail Worm


Robotic hand poured triple color worms. Precise computer-designed color layering and a smooth, straight profile make the Straight Worm by Roboworm a finesse staple. The super supple Straight Worm produces an undulating, living action that can’t be beat. Roboworm’s exclusive Salt Release System emits a burst of salt at the bite, locking the fish down. Tremendous fish-catching action combined with a powerful salt explosion encourage fish to keep coming back for more!

Most worms have salt either trapped inside, or just coating the plastic. Roboworm infuses the head of the worm with salt allowing it to slowly leech out during your cast. When a fish bites, a burst of salt is released, causing the fish to hold on longer for a better catch ratio.

Made in the USA.

Package includes 10 Worms.

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Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

A straight up clone from the crazy days of hand poured finesse worms, Roboworm Straight Tail Worm’s offerings are a constant reminder of the era that gave West Coast fisherman the stigma of being finesse bait anglers. These relatively simple, do-nothing, action-less worms are surprisingly effective especially during the warmer months when fishing pressure and boat traffic are at their peak.

Super sensitive, these baits give a ton of action with the slightest movement. Straight Tail worms incorporate Roboworms’s Salt Release System – which makes them heavier when you start fishing, and lets you know when the salt is running out and it’s time to change worms. The Salt release system also gives a burst of salt when a fish strikes- which makes them hold on longer-for a better hook up.

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