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Capt Mack’s striped bass umbrella rigs are perfect for catching fish, both shallow and deep, especially when game fish are focused on bait fish schools. These rigs can be trolled super deep or very shallow giving you total coverage of the entire water column by using different weight rigs, weights, and jigs. These rigs also come with a depth chart explaining how to achieve different depths with your rigs by adjusting boat speed and distance behind the boat.

They are great for catching striped bass, hybrids, spotted bass and largemouth bass. They are highly effective in saltwater for Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Redfish, Rockfish and more.



Captain Mack’s Striped Bass Swimbait Umbrella Rig

This umbrella rig is ready to fish!

This is a great tool to locate fish and an excellent tool for spotted bass, stripers, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, Rockfish and other game-fish. There is a wide range of connection points to create a simulated underwater school of bait-fish. Each Umbrella rig comes with a depth chart to ensure you are fishing the depths that you want. This rig can quickly turn a bad day into a productive day on the water!

Captain Mack’s Umbrella Rigs can be fished in depths of 1 – 25 feet when flat-lined or used at any depth behind a down-rigger.

For each additional ounce of lead you place on the Swimbait Umbrella Rig, you can expect it to run approximately 2 feet deeper. To increase the weight, use heavier jigs and place additional jigs on each of the inner loops, or place egg sinkers on the line above the umbrella rig.

Depth control is the key to maximizing your results. The depth chart on the back of the pre-rigged Swimbait Umbrella Rig header card will allow you to place the rig within a foot of the desired depth. Please keep in mind that any alterations such as: (line size, jig weight, boat speed, and wind speed and direction) can dramatically effect the depth of the rig(s).

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Swimbait Umbrella Rig

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